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Enjoy the wellness retreat activities at Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort has elevated The Spa at Carillon Miami, debuting partnerships with leading global wellness brands to introduce an international, world-class spa experience to Miami. Guests, residents, and locals can now experience wellness from all angles including results-driven spa treatments, holistic healing offerings, Oriental medicine by Acupuncture Physician, Dr. Turovskiy and luxury salon treatments from local specialist, Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art.

“Wellness has always been at the core of our resort, and we are pleased to debut the next phase of The Spa at Carillon Miami with these new experiences,” said Tammy Pahel, Vice President of Spa Operations, Carillon Miami Wellness Resort. “The wellness industry continues to grow and evolve, and we are proud to be changing with it – continuing to be the top wellness resort in South Florida, providing unmatched options for health, well-being, and beauty.”

NEW WORLD-CLASS PARTNERS: Carillon Miami has joined forces with revolutionary wellness brands to develop a spa experience that brings together the latest innovations and technology in luxury skin care, natural beauty and restorative rituals from around the world. From exclusive Global Rituals and Signature Services from Italian skincare brands [comfort zone] and /skin regimen/, to cutting-edge anti-aging treatments from Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland, here’s a look at the new offerings available at Carillon Miami. Full menu can be found here.

• Lemi: State of the Art Spa and Wellness Technology: Carillon Miami has partnered with Italian wellness brand, Lemi, to outfit the spa with the latest technology to offer guests cutting-edge services. Through this strategic guests can now experience innovative treatments utilizing the SPA with features including color therapy, steam bath with aromatherapy, Vichy shower with six jets, water-enhanced, and a height adjustable water bed. In addition, the spa has introduced the Spa Dream Crystal Quartz Massage Bed which features spherical quartz and color therapy to support in energizing and promoting balance throughout the body for a deeper therapeutic experience. All massage tables at the spa are now equipped with Lemi’s EXTRA COMFORT memory foam mattress, with a few featuring the HBS armrest system to further enhance the relaxation experience.

• [comfort zone]: Global Rituals + Signature Services: Embark on an international wellness journey with new Global Rituals and Signature Treatments developed by Italian brand, [comfort zone]. A leader in international beauty and skincare, the treatments take inspiration from different cultures blending together the richest ingredients, technology and therapeutic methods to provide one-of-a-kind services that deliver impactful results. Highlights from the menu The Detox Mud- (50 min/$179); The Mediterranean Global Ritual (50 min/$179); Pro Sleep Ritual (50 min/$179).

• emerginC: Organic & Raw Beauty: Discover the powers of organic and raw skincare with new treatments from leading natural skincare brand, emerginC. Utilizing active botanicals, marine extracts, and clinically-proven cosmeceutical and medical-grade ingredients, the treatments incorporate the latest advancements in natural skincare to instantly rejuvenate, nourish, and soothe the skin. Highlights from the menu Kombucha Radiance Facial (50 min/$170); Raw Hydra-Boost Facial (50 min/$170); and the Ginger-Coconut-Argan Sugar Glow (50 min/$170).

• Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland: Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care: Jacqueline Piotaz Switzerland is an innovator in Swiss skin care through the brand’s groundbreaking plant stem cells technology that infuses nutrients from rare and exotic plants into their treatments. The first and only Miami spa to offer Piotaz treatments, guests can now discover the brand’s distinctive, results-driven approach to anti-aging that is non-invasive, natural and sustainable to the environment. Highlights from the menu Advanced Repair & Lifting Facial (80 min/$289); Pollution Defense and Anti-Stress Facial (50 min/$179); and The Timeless Tailor Made Facial for Men (50 min/$160).

• Shankara: Ayurvedic Wellness: A pioneer in Ayurvedic, Shankara has unveiled a selection of new services at Carillon Miami. Unwind the mind, body spirit through body treatments that incorporate Ayurvedic techniques and the products of Shankara. Highlights from the menu Ayurvedic Rose Quartz (50 min/$170); Shankara Serenity Salt Stone Treatment (50 min/$180); and the Zekhara Shankara Ayurvedic Shirodara Treatment (50 min/$180).

ORIENTAL MEDICINE + HOLISTIC HEALING: Carillon Miami has introduced new health, medicine and holistic therapies that incorporate the latest trends and advancements in wellness. From launching a new Oriental Medicine division, introducing Cryotherapy and Salt Float Baths facilities, to IV and NAD+ boost therapies, here’s a look at the new offerings available at Carillon Miami. menu can be found here.

• New Oriental Medicine Division: Dr. Vladimir Turovskiy has joined the Carillon Miami team as Physician of Oriental Medicine to lead the resort’s new Oriental Medicine division. Now guests can enhance their health and well-being through a new range of services, and diagnostic evaluations including acupuncture, herbal medicine oriental therapies to restore balance in the body. Highlights from the menu Integrative/Functional Medicine Evaluation and Oriental Medicine Diagnosis (from 90 minutes at $350); Meridian Imaging Diagnostics with “Intrepid Therapy” (50 minutes, $200) Electrical Acupuncture (from $100); and Auriculotherapy (30 minutes, $125).

• Holistic Healing: New Ways to Detox and Rejuvenate the Mind and Body: Discover the latest in holistic healing with new services that tap into the latest trends. Highlights from the menu Infrared Sauna with Himalayan Salt (25 minutes, $65+); Salt Float Bath Therapy (90 minutes, $179) Cryoskin Slimming (from $325); Cryoskin Toning (20 minutes, $325).

• NAD+ IV Therapy: Reverse Age, Boost Stamina and Extend Lifespan: NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) is found in virtually all living cells and plays a critical role in regulating the aging process by working on the cellular level to repair DNA and correct deficiencies within the body. Carillon Miami has unveiled new NAD+ therapy services, inviting guests to experience its benefits which range from mental clarity, reduced chronic pain to improved sleep. New menu highlights include: NAD+ Monthly Membership programs including the Signature Membership ($2,800/month) which includes six NAD+ IV 1,000ml drip treatments per month; One-Day NAD+ Treatment (from $700); Three-Day NAD+ Package (from $1900); NAD+ Supplements (from $68).

• IV Wellness Packages: Instant Nutrient Boost Infusions: Carillon Miami has launched a series of custom IV packages that infuse the body with key nutrients to give an instant boost. Curated to enhance specific health and beauty needs the packages can support in improving issues ranging from metabolism, energy levels, to skin appearance. IV package highlights include: Jet Package ($330) to address jet lag and hydrate, clear and refuel the body; Sparkle Package ($379) which enhances the skin, hair, and nails for a dazzling natural glow; and the Slim Package ($338) designed to boost metabolism and curve cravings.

LUXURY SALON AND HAIR CARE Adding to the luxury wellness experience at Carillon Miami, the resort has now partnered with local beauty and specialist, Leonardo Rocco of Rocco Donna Hair and Beauty Art. Rocco Donna transmits the energy of beauty to his and is at the cutting edge of haircut and color trends. The premier hair specialists will now be the salon partner of the and offer services including hair treatments, color services, makeup nail care.


Author: Fabiola

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