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Expert Panel: Q&A with Liliana Grajales

Which channels do you consider the best to promote spas and their services?


Miriam Arroyo
Spa Manager
Cartesiano Hotel


Liliana Grajales, Spa Consultant

LG Wellness Advisor

Owner of Spa Wellness Events


For hotel/resort spas one of the best resources that spas can use is hotel staff. Most hotels employee over 500 people; this is a great way to spread the word. Host a spa Fam(iliarization) Day from 5-8 PM on a specific day, offer two a year and break up the hotel in two divisions.

For example, invite the Rooms Division (Housekeeping, Front Desk, Reservations, Concierge, Sales and Executive Office) and invite the staff to walk through the spa visiting each room that has a service provider explaining a specific treatment on the menu. Treat them like guests throughout the evening and offer them a spa snack and a healthy beverage. Incorporate mini services so that the staff get to enjoy spa experiences. If they know the services offered, they will share this information with the hotel guests.

For day spas, social media is by far my favorite source of promotion for current clients. You already have their email addresses for communication, optimize this by promoting specials, holidays and offering discounts on low occupancy days.

This is a great way to capture new clients as well. Invite your current clients to bring a friend and you receive the service at 50% off. This will guarantee your current clients work with you to bring in new clients. A win-win!

Author: Fabiola