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Herbalism is the ancestral knowledge that explores the energetic and medicinal properties of plants, spices and flowers, with a single purpose: human well-being. This practice is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the efficiency of its remedies and its accessibility.

Herbalism has found medicinal plants that relieve a multitude of physical ailments: astringent, diuretic, expectorant plants; anti-inflammatory herbs and flowers; or carminative, analgesic and antibiotic roots. However, the benefits of herbalism are not limited to counteracting physical ills, but extends to the spiritual and emotional, under one principle: the power of aroma.

Blends of plant essences release aromas with therapeutic properties that promote emotional well-being. How? Memory – fundamental in the structure of our state of mind – is easily stimulated through smells. Commonly, our olfactory memory associates a pleasant aroma with a positive emotion. For example, citrus smells are usually associated with warm areas where these fruits grow and we link their aroma to their uplifting action; hence, the smell of lime, orange or grapefruit helps us feel revitalized.

Thus, contact with the aromas of different blends of essential oils can positively change our mood and improve our well-being.


Author: Fabiola