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Dos Casas Hotel renews the wellness experience at Iris Spa

Dos Casas Hotel has launched IRIS SPA in charge of Bonnie Baker professional with more than 20 years of experience in the industry of wellness, hospitality and focus on “mindbodygreen” (wellness ecoturism) in collaboration with NATUROPATHICA.

IRIS SPA attends exclusively 1 or 2 people at a time, the entire space becomes a private sanctuary where a completely individual and personalized journey is created. Each of Dos Casa’s 12 rooms has the faculty of becoming its own space for relaxation, thus enjoying the guests of an even more intimate spa.

IRIS SPA launches a series of monthly workshops open to the public or that can be reserved exclusively prior to your stay as a guest of our hotel:

Avant Garde Aromatica Saloon – it is known as Botanical Perfume Panels, a master class to delve into essential oils, their production and effect.

Healing workshop through sound – People experience a deep sense of relaxation, which can relieve pain, lower blood pressure, reduce stress, improve circulation and blood flow, balance the chakras, create focus and clarity emotional and leave people feeling Peace and well-being with themselves.

IRIS, is the piece found in the SPA and created by Ariel Guzik (musician, researcher, scientist, plastic artist, iridologist, herbalist and inventor), a machine capable of capturing and decoding the vibrations imperceptible to the ear that are transformed into music with which he has shown that it produces healing benefits when faced with the presence of white noise.


Author: Fabiola