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Wellness at Chablé Resort & Spa, Chocholá, Yucatan, Mexico

A visit to Chablé, Yucatan is ideal for a wellness experience, with relaxation, spa, gastronomy, yoga, visiting wellness specialists and a variety of daily activities for guests to choose from. During my stay, I had a consultation with Paul Emery, whose technique has proven successful with many, healing old injuries and releasing various points of tension around the body. My friend and I were invited to take part in a Mayan ritual with the ‘Abuela Maya’ – Mayan Grandmother. After the traditional ritual of facing the four cardinal points, the sky above and mother earth below, the ‘Abuela’ asked if we had any specific questions we would like answering. The questions flowed and she shared her wisdom and some predictions for the future for each of us; I’m still waiting for some of mine to materialize but it certainly created a fun, personalized experience for us to enjoy.

The outdoor spa hydrotherapy area is not to be missed with a traditional wooden sauna, steam room, a cold plunge, hot pool and a hydrotherapy pool complete with jets and hydro-massage stations. Guests at Chablé can enjoy these facilities morning to evening, along with a range of fitness and wellness related activities held in the spa and around the resort.

The Tree of Life Treatment (Four-Hands Massage), is an exceptional experience as two therapists work in unison to balance and align energy meridians and treat muscle tension. Hot poultices add to the therapeutic effect, warming the muscles and increasing circulation. Stop by the spa early evening for the chance to enjoy a selection of herbal teas, prepared with fresh organic herbs grown in the traditional Mayan raised herb beds or ‘kanches’.

Sara Jones,



For 35 years visiting spa therapist Paul Emery suffered from a debilitating social phobia and anxiety. Hoping for a cure he tried many therapies, but nothing was successful. That was until he came across various ground-breaking techniques that changed his life. So much so he later appeared on live TV without any anxiety.

On his journey, Paul brought together the best elements of what he had learned and created a unique treatment called; QEPR (Quantum Emotional & Physical Release). In 2010 it was awarded AsiaSpa’s ‘Holistic Treatment of the Year’. QEPR rapidly helps relieve a wide range of concerns from general stress, anxiety and anger to physical concerns such as chronic muscular aches and pains.
Recently Paul enjoyed a stay at the “wonderful Chablé Resort and Spa” where he was in demand by guests and staff alike. He provided workshops on Weight Loss, Ache and Pain Relief, Better Sleep and How to Release Unwanted Emotions. He also provided exclusive private sessions. Whilst at Chablé Paul helped eradicate a variety of issues from a severe spider phobia, a 33-year-old driving accident trauma, a 17-year chronic shoulder pain and headache, to the stress and anxiety of unsuccessfully trying for a baby.
Paul plans to visit Chablé again in 2019 to provide workshops in Mexico and throughout Latin America.

Paul Emery


“Paul Emery and I met for the first time ‘’virtually’’ through his web page. I am personally interested in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) because my wife is also an expert, so I know it works!

I learned more about his techniques and discovered that besides EFT he has honed his own style to provide therapies with a difference. This convinced me that he should be one of our wellness specialists. I have a good sixth sense when talking to people and Paul immediately made me feel well. After three weeks at Chablé, guests loved him! We’ve had more sessions booked with Paul than with any other wellness specialist so far, even the staff was curious about his expertise.

Paul offered his time completely for free to all our team members during his stay. This is very noble and selfless, and the team will be forever grateful to him.”

Rocco Bova

Sara Jones
Author: Sara Jones