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Expert Panel: Q&A with Cheryl Sott

We know that the world of spa and wellness in Latin America is growing at a fast-paced rhythm, how can spas be original and stay authentic, avoiding becoming mere replicas of each other? Where should we focus our vision of wellness?


Pamela Aguirre Santos
Corporate Spa Coordinator
Hoteles Inkaterra


Cheryl Sott
Spa Consultant, Trinity Spa Advisors

Spa has been around for 2500 years (give or take) constantly changing and constantly staying the same. When I go to India I always have Shirodhara and when in Turkey, I make time for the baths. These treatments have become synonymous with wellness in these regions. Authenticity is always authentic, when it is authentic. As an industry, we place an extraordinarily high value on programming mega originality and the latest and greatest innovations, but I’m not convinced this is what most guests really want or need. Sure, there is the immediate gratification the newness produces along with short-term gains but at what long-term price?

A great spa brand does not chase trends or their competitors. That does not mean you should never innovate or evolve. The best way to address your challenge is to look to your spa’s ethos, the genesis of your brand which was born from the very unique needs and wants of your very specific target market guest. Does the wellness innovation advance your spa’s point of view? If not, let your competitor have it, while you stick to delivering exactly what your guests want from you. If the innovation passes the ethos test, then incorporate it with an unmitigated commitment to excellence. Being true to your ethos is authenticity and will lead to real, sustainable growth and a loyal following without dilution.

Author: Fabiola