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Expert Panel: Q&A with Adriana Azuara

What strategies do you recommend to attract the domestic market during low season?


Maricela Jímenez,Spa Supervisor
Xandari Costa Rica


Adriana Azuara, Spa Consultant
All4Spas, www.all4spas.com

The best strategy to attract the local market will always be an attractive price and offering something that is normally out of their price range to enjoy for a limited time while it is affordable.

For example, if you have attractive hydrotherapy areas, I recommend promoting a couples massage where your product cost is low. You can offer a better price and add in the use of hydrotherapy areas. Supplementing an amenity that does not significantly affect your costs also adds value, such as a fruit plate with seeds and nuts or a glass of cold sparkling wine, creating an attractive package.

If you do not have hydrotherapy facilities then offer a massage for couples or friends at an affordable price. Once in the spa, motivate them by offering a free massage for every five friends referred to the promotion. Remember, what you are looking for with this promotion is volume.

The cost of a massage should not be above 3-5 percent, so you have a good profit margin and can offer attractive prices. Good luck!

Author: Fabiola