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Global Wellness Summit 2018 Day 3

Jessica Jesse, The Concept of Wellness in Fashion

Jessica Jesse invited us to rethink fashion in terms of production standards, design, delivery, sustainability, upkeep and recycling.

Global Wellness Awards

The following awards were presented:

Leader in Innovation, Nerio Alessandri
Leading Woman in Wellness, Sheila McCann
Leader in Sustainability, Clodagh
Leader in Workplace Wellness, Denise Bober from The Breakers, West Palm Beach, Florida
Leader in Furthering Mental Wellness, John Stewart of Kamalaya
Leader in Social Impact, Biologique Recherche, Rupert Schmidt and Pierre-Louis Delapalme


SDF 2175

Sir Rocco Forte, Irene Forte, Nerio Alessandri, and Erica Alessandri, Generational collaboration: successfully mixing business with family
Rocco Forte spoke about making sure people around you aren’t afraid to challenge ideas, this keeps the business growing. He was not given responsibility initially by his father and therefore couldn’t make mistakes when he did get responsibility it was at a high level so the potential mistakes he could make were huge. He has made sure his children have responsibility in whichever area of the business they are involved in.

Irene Forte explained that her siblings share the same business values as their father. They make sure to teach their staff to look after their guests and anticipate needs. There are of course areas where they disagree with their father, sharing plates in restaurants, the importance of a lap pool over spa facilities are a couple of examples of this.


The younger generation of the family brings a fresh perspective and new ideas relevant to the changing market. One example is the Map My Future app has allowed Rocco Forte hotels to increase employee retention and promotion.
Erica Alessandri recounted her childhood and being part of Technogym throughout her entire life during which she often visited the offices and worked in various departments.

Nerio spoke about his passion for the business and that he always hoped to teach his children to go for their dreams and take nothing for granted. Encouraging everyone to stay curious.

The Student Challenge Winner, Maria Mu of Cornell University was awarded 10,000 dollars for her device, Bellumo which helps people to fall asleep.

Dave McCaughan, Wellness X Retail X AI: So Many Things to Think About!
Dave tells us we live in a bubble, a wellness bubble. He illustrates this by showing a short video, which is completely false, but that we generally believe is possible. We can’t live without our phones now, it’s become our sixth sense.

SDF 2191

Tracking everything from heart rate to brainwaves, wearable tech is advancing. L’Oreal has a device you can attach to your nail to measure sun exposure.

Toilets have been adapted with tech to measure 17 different biometrics. Enabling instant daily feedback on personal wellness.

The language of the future is written in emojis. Essays at a university have now been submitted in emojis and we were challenged to come up with a ‘wellness’ emoji.

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The future is data-driven, if we all shared data in real time, we would likely all have much more successful businesses.

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