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Global Wellness Summit 2018 Day 1

The openingfrom Louie Schwartzberghighlighted the connection between us and nature, we are part of nature, not separate from it. Louie’s moving art videos set the scene for the next few days; appreciation, wonder and awe, love and wellness in the world around us.

IMG 0869 Louie Schwartzberg

Susie Ellis welcomed the new delegates, 43% of the audience at this year’s summit, and talked about the future of the industry and the new industry numbers, shortly to be presented.

IMG 0924 2 SusieEllis2

Mia Kyricos and Tony de Leede, our MCs and Co-chairs for the summit, spoke of the vision and history of Technogym. The goal of everyone is to live longer and live well, Tony’s personal goal says it all; “My goal is to die young, late in life.” Mia, having attended all 12 summits, spoke of the connection opportunities, research and data received from attending these events and how these have helped her career evolve successfully.

MIN 1449 Mia KyricosMIN 1402 Tony de Leede

Welcome from the Region’s Sponsor, Emilia Romagna. The quality of life in this region of Italy is highlightedby the fact that they have the 2nd highest life expectancy globally; 84 for women / 81 for men. La Dolce Vita Meets Wellness!

Nerio Alessandri‘s wellness vision is for us to collectively encourage the world to move, humans were designed to move! We risk death from an excess of rest, the sustainability of mankind is dependent on movement and wellness.


Katherine Johnston & Ophelia Yeung present the2018 Global Wellness Economy MonitorResearch Report. The Global wellness economy is now4.2 trillion (2017)!

SDF 8030 KatherineJohnstonSusieEllisOphelia Yeung

The new research report is now available for all to download online. This report provides insight into the 10 industry sectors and how they overlap and integrate into the way we live, work and travel.

PKtI xxQ



Dr. Ranieri Guerra: WHO, What & Wellness: Where Does Wellness Fit at The World Health Organization? Disease prevention and protection from poverty is the main goal of the WHO, where success is measured by the healthy life expectancy index. Quality of life in addition to the length of life. One of the main challenges is to reverse the rise of childhood obesity and overall insufficientphysical activity levels of the population. This lack of physical activity subsequently leads to other diseases such as breast and colon cancer.


Giovanni Mario Pes, Ph.D., MD: Blue Zones: The Full and Fascinating Story Begins

In 1996 a blue pen was used to draw circles on a map around areas where people live significantly longer than the rest of the population. These became known as Blue Zones, the first of which was identified in Sardinia.

Physical activity was determined to be the primary influencing factor. In this area, the main occupation was related to agriculture and shepherding, thus contributing to an active lifestyle within this population.

DSC 9678 Giovanni Mario Pes MD PhD

Dan Buettner: Blue Zones: The Full and Fascinating Story Continues.

There are 8 questions that help us predict longevity, the more you can answer ‘yes’ to, the longer you are likely to live.

In the 9 Blue Zones around the world, there are more people living to over 100 years. Diet is a factor but interpersonalconnection is more important. Longevity is not something that is successfully pursued, it is found in environments that are conducive to healthy living. A diet that is 90-100% plant-based, an active lifestyle and close connection to friends and family lead to this healthy and long life.

DSC 9716 Dan Buettner2

Rhiannon McGregor & Jessica Smith:Algorithmic Beauty: Looking Through the Lens of Technology and AI

The new technology coming into the marketplace, not only changes how we understand and diagnose our but how we go about treating it and changing it. Artificial intelligence will allow us to measure the effectiveness of our skincare as we try new products via a personal feedback loop. MIT-based startup gathers data and creates bespoke skincare oils made within minutes, it can then measure and adapt the formulation. Scientists who have been able to miniaturize hyaluronic acid allowing it to penetrate deeper than before and delivering an effectiveness similar to injectables.

Dr. Nicola Angelo Fortunati: Italian Thermalism: From Roman Times to the Future

With a strong culture and history of Roman bathing, Italian’s now don’t make use of the thermal mineral waters available around the country as much as they could. The future of wellness will become mandatory as a reduction of costs is imperative.


Knowledge Workshop: The Internet of Wellness Has Come Home, Alfredo Carvajal, Delos

The environment in our living spaces affects many aspects of our personal wellness. The first home wellness platform, DARWIN by DELOS monitors and improves air quality, lighting and water filtration via a system of responsive purification and adjustment in accordance with circadian rhythms. Alfredo encourages everyone to put their phones away at night and not to look at it first thing in the morning. The latest research concludes that shift work is actually carcinogenic, our circadian rhythms and light sources must be monitored and carefully controlled to avoid detrimental effects.


The Power of TM: Strength in Stillness

With a video introduction from Hugh Jackman, Bob Roth spoke about his experience and introduction to Transcendental Meditation and it’s profound benefits on students at inner-city public schools, war veterans, victims of domestic abuse along with benefits available for every user of the practice – regardless of whether or not you believe in it.

There are 3 basic types of meditation
1. Focused attention – Inducing Gamma brain waves

2. Open monitoring – Mindfulness techniques, creating Theta brainwaves

3. Self Transcending (or Transcendental Meditation / TM)

Hypothesizing that there is a vertical dimension to the mind, Bob uses an analogy of a rough ocean, which we can the transcend down to the calm water underneath. We are encouraged to be skeptical despite the 400 peer-reviewed studies showing positive effects of TM including reduction of symptoms in war veterans and PTSD sufferers. This state of restful alertness, an increase of Alpha 1 – profound inner calm, reduces cortisol levels by 30-40%. This affects overall wellbeing and reduces the risk of disease and drastically increases creativity, strengthening neural networks in the brain.


Sara Jones
Author: Sara Jones