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2018 ISPA Conference & Expo – Day 2

Eric Stephenson kicked off the general session with some songs to get everyone up and dancing before Colin Mcllheney took the stage to present the latest US spa industry statistics. All of the big 5 metrics show a healthy increase and next year will mark 20 years of spa industry research data presented annually at ISPA.

We then heard the latest update from the “Beauty Changes Lives” scholarship program and the “Get Your Dream Job” campaign created to help fill the thousands of job vacancies across the spa industry.

Sally Hogshead, branding expert, asked us each to raise our hand if we believe we are more fascinating than the average person… (yes, I raised mine). However, on average, only 39% of people will raise their hand to this. While 90% will claim to be more intelligent than the average person! What is your message for the world? If you believe your message is relevant, you can’t afford to keep quiet. How do we measure people, not by their strengths and weaknesses, but by how people are seen at their best. Unlearn how to be boring…

ISPA2018 03

It’s good to be better, but it’s better to be different! Different is better than better. How can your brand and culture embrace its differences? Find special skills and focus on these strengths.

ISPA2018 04

Personality types, what makes you different?
Innovation – think creatively
Passion – connect with emotion
Power – lead with authority
Prestige – set the standard
Trust – build loyalty
Mystique – listen with care
Alert – protect the details


The average attention span is now 9 seconds. It’s essential to be interesting and relevant. Sally presented data collected from the ISPA audience beforehand showing an above average number of people with the primary trait of passion and power. However, there is a distinct lack people with the mystique trait, those great at listening!


Author: Fabiola