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Interview with Jean-Guy de Gabriac, CEO & Founder World Wellness Weekend

Describe your career path in the Spa and Wellness industry
After creating a massage academy in Paris in 2001, I sold my shares in 2004 to travel Europe, Asia, USA and Hawaii learning advanced massages techniques and gathering best practices. I founded Tip-Touch in 2004 to fuel creativity and hospitality expertise to elevate guest experience and re-engineer spa menus to increase profits. Some of the signature treatments I’ve designed have won international awards such as the Bamboo Massage for Academie Scientifique de Beauté and Well-Massage 4D with Gharieni.

Why did you create World Wellness Weekend?
Having experienced the benefits of mindfulness and the “WoW” (Wonders of Wellness) I see no nobler purpose. With the enthusiastic support of friends in Mexico, Latin America, North America, India and Europe, World Wellness Weekend is aiming to gather 1000 properties in 50 countries for its second annual celebration on September 22-23, 2018.

What makes World Wellness Weekend different from other events?

Alarming reports from World Health Organization show rising rates of obesity, chronic disease and the gloomy prospect of growing old with sickness. These prompt doctors visits, check-ups and DNA tests, however, joy should be a much stronger driver than fear to encourage people to implement sustainable lifestyle changes.

When people are having fun in spas, yoga studios and fitness clubs with inspiring instructors, not only do they come back frequently, but also encourage friends to join, becoming “wellness buddies”.

W³ – World Wellness Weekend inspires spas, salons and movement studios to organize fun and creative activities to showcase talent, gain media attention and attract lifestyle-oriented guests. We encourage properties to also provide ongoing packages and programs for guests.

32 Spa and Tourism Associations support this joyful event, including Asociacion Americana de Spa, Caribbean WE, CIDESCO, International Sauna Association, Spa Industry Association and Wellness Columbia.

How can wellness businesses get involved?
– To participate, each property registers online and agrees to organize one or more creative wellness activity for 60-minutes, free of charge on 22/23 September 2018.

– Each property appears on a World Wellness Map and is also open to guests to book treatments charged at regular or promotional prices.
– Some hotels offer a Wellness Weekend package to encourage guests to return before the end of the year and boost future bookings.


Author: Fabiola

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