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Embracing the Feminine Style of Leadership for your Business Success

The leadership style in our currently male dominated world of industry and government is reaching a tipping point. Vital to the continued success of our enterprises and institutions is an infusion of some of the attributes and qualities that have made the feminine style of leadership so effective and sustainable. Perhaps that’s why Fortune Magazine published, “The Future of Leadership is Female.”

The topic of discussion at this year’s Women in Wellness Conference centered around two questions: What is most relevant to women today in leadership roles? How can we create business solutions utilizing a feminine approach that will bring about positive change in the workplace and in the world?

A shift is now occurring in how feminine traits are perceived. What was once seen as weak and ineffective behavior – such as being sensitive, empathetic and compassionate – is being reframed as strong and powerful behavior. In a workshop at the recent Green Spa Network Congressa group of women identified the qualities of the feminine style of leadership that are vital for creating meaningful connection and building trust and loyalty: empathetic, nurturing, supportive, inclusive, collaborative, expansive, creative and sensitive. We mustn’t forget women’s exceptional ability to multi-task!

Women often feel self-conscious or criticized for these very behaviors because upper management to deems them be soft, weak, ineffective, vulnerable and not “tough” enough. Unfortunately, some women feel that they need to “lead like a man” in order to attain high levels of career success. Women adopting a more masculine style and ignoring their own feminine, innate qualities, can come across as harsh, demanding and arrogant, often they feel out of balance.

Concluding the workshop, women were able to reframe the perception of feminine traits, and to embrace, “own” and enthusiastically cultivate them.

Both men and women can identify and cultivate these traits and will discover them to be powerful and effective in management, entrepreneurial and leadership roles. The evolution of balanced, conscious leadership, combining the focused, grounded and crisp communication style of the masculine with collaborative, non-linear, supportive and empathetic feminine qualities is vital to the well being and sustainability of our world.

It is in all our best interests to explore these strengths and styles as conscious approaches to the challenges we face and the goals we strive to attain in our spa world and beyond.

By Tara Grodjesk
President / Owner
Tara Living Wellness

Author: Fabiola