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5 Ways to Incorporate Sound Therapy Into Your Spa Menu

Sound therapy has been around for thousands of years and is found in many spiritual and sacred traditions; sound healing is now being rediscovered in the healing arts. Supported by scientific research, the principle of sound healing is that all matter is energy which is eternal and in a constant state of vibration or resonance. This vibration is the foundation for all existence.

Himalayan Singing bowls are placed on and around the body to provide vibrational healing. This profound modality can be added to any spa menu.

A welcome ritual to begin the spa journey

Performed at the moment your guest arrives at the spa this can be facilitated by anyone, including your receptionist by striking a gong, ringing a bell or playing the Himalayan singing bowl.

A great way to begin and end each treatment

Each treatment can begin with the sound of the Tingsha (Small Tibetan Cymbals). The cymbals are struck producing a clear and high-pitched tone. A Himalayan Singing Bowl can also be used, benefitting the guest by putting them into a state of deep relaxation before the treatment begins.

Treatment enhancements
Sound therapy can be added to any treatment, such as a body wrap. During the wrap, the therapist can provide a sound healing session as the guest goes into a deep theta state. Sound is also used for localized pain or IBS challenges. A 20-minute add on does wonders for so many ailments.

Full Body Sound Therapy
While the bowls are placed on and around the body, the serene vibration allows for a frequency synchronization, which facilitates energy stability and allows for the regulation of physical, mental and emotional imbalances.

Group Sound Meditation

Guests can simply relax and receive as sound is created in the moment. The therapeutic sound meditation follows a specific structure and offers the ultimate in relaxation whilst promoting an opportunity to attune to the inner world.

For centuries, throughout the world, sound therapy has been used in healing rituals for the ease of physical illnesses, emotional restorations and spiritual awakening. The vibrations have been shown to reset the body on a molecular level.

Christine Hays
Eastern Vibration


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