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Expert Panel: Q&A with Bonnie Baker

How many ways can halotherapy be used in a spa and integrated into the menu of services?

Spa Team
Chileno Bay Resort & Residences
Los Cabos, Mexico


Bonnie Baker
Spa Consultant
Satteva Spa & Wellness Concepts

Salt offers a multitude of healing benefits and is one of the most traditional means of natural, effective, drug-free therapy. Halotherapy provides relief from many respiratory and skin conditions; its revitalizing effects benefit both adults and children suffering from these issues. With halotherapy, the concentration of salt particles is about 10-15 times the concentration found by the sea, and a 45 min session has been shown to be equivalent to 3 days at the ocean. A specific treatment program with projected ROI and turnkey business plan can be developed with some of the leading halotherapy providers.

Here are some ways to incorporate salt therapy into a spa treatment program:

– Offering salt scrubs with healing sea or Himalayan salt
– Include a salt table or chair for performing treatments and for relaxation
– Salt infused baths with aromatherapy
– Salt brick walls installed in treatment rooms, relaxation areas or movement studios
– Create packages or signature experiences with both a treatment aspect and salt cave/room/cabin time
– Create guided meditation or visualization treatments to be done in the salt cave/room
– Install a halotherapy generator for salt inhalation therapy
– Individual salt cabins for full immersion in salt inhalation and re-mineralization. Several designs are available for salt cabins: HaloBed, HaloBooth, HaloCabin, HaloBooth Pro (www.halotherapysolutions.com)
– A full thalassotherapy program with sea ingredients and salts

Author: Fabiola