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Tailor-made Corporate Identity

corporate identity

If there’s one thing I understand deeply, it’s the importance of authenticity. Allow me to share a personal experience that illustrates this point. Once, I found myself buying a t-shirt that was labeled as 100% cotton. I loved the design and fabric, but when I wore it on at home, I was in for a surprise: it was synthetic and caused an allergic reaction. I felt deceived and, naturally, had to discard the shirt.

This experience leads me to reflect on how this scenario translates to the corporate world. Often, companies ask us to ‘wear the brand’ without ensuring that it’s a good fit for us – both literally and metaphorically. Is the ‘uniform’ comfortable? Does it align with our values? Just like with that synthetic t-shirt, if the company culture isn’t what it promises to be, you’ll feel that same discomfort and disillusionment.

To avoid these kinds of misunderstandings, companies need to focus on creating a culture that employees genuinely want to represent proudly. It’s not enough to just say ‘Wear It With Pride’; the company must strive to make that ‘uniform’ be what it truly claims to be. It should be an extension of who we are as individuals and should reflect the values and goals we share.

In my experience, employees are not just looking for a job; they’re seeking a place where they feel seen, valued, and aligned with their personal goals and aspirations. They want to wear their company’s uniform as a badge of honor, of shared objectives, and of mutual respect. So to companies, I say: if you want your employees to ‘wear it with pride’, first make sure that your brand is worthy of that pride.


By Renan Ramos
Wellness Professional



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Author: Fabiola