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Face Fitness

Face fitness has been gaining significant momentum in recent years. Also known as facial yoga or face gymnastics, face fitness involves contracting specific muscles of the face to improve their tone and shape. Tightening the muscles of the face takes specific concentration and it can be difficult at first to isolate the correct muscles as we’re so used to combining facial muscle groups in our everyday expressions.

The skin of the face, unlike elsewhere in the body, is actually attached to the muscles underneath, therein lies the benefit of face fitness: tone and lift the muscles and thereby tone and lift the skin also.

This practice takes dedication and effort (a little bit every day) but can show incredible benefits in just a few weeks. When combined with quality skincare products and other skin health devices like red light therapy, results can be accelerated. Bellantz offers personalized face fitness coaching where clients are trained during one-on-one consultations to isolate and exercise their facial muscles.

The founder of Bellantz, Dr. Naeemah Ruffin, brings a wealth of information from her medical education and surgical training helping her clients to achieve a youthful appearance with natural and non-invasive methods.



By Sara Jones

Author: Fabiola