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Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy has been gaining ground recently as a versatile treatment. Selecting the right system can be challenging, but focusing on a few key aspects can simplify the process. Consider the type of cupping therapy you wish to offer, whether it is for facial or body treatments, and if it is focused on aesthetics or massage. It’s important to consider the material, color, sizes, strength, design; available cup sets and lubricants.

Seven key characteristics should guide the selection:

Cup material: Options include flexible silicone, traditional glass, and hard plastic.
Colors: Clear cups allow for observation of the skin.
Sizes: Each cup size is designed for certain areas, and when used correctly can impact efficacy.
Strength: Consider the rigidity of the cup, and strength of the seal and suction it creates.
Design: Multiple shapes are available, each with specific uses. The design of a cup’s ‘lip’ strongly impacts suction.
Collections: Look for sets that provide flexibility.
Lubricants: Either massage oil, coconut oil or massage creams; these aid in smooth movement and skin comfort.

Finally, evaluate the manufacturer’s reputation, company history, innovation, clinical backing and support for spa partners. Selecting the right cupping system reflects on your brand, so ensure you deliver high-quality results that will delight your guests.

By Universal Companies

Author: Fabiola