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The importance of scalp health

Facials and an array of body treatments tend to the skin. But skin care does not stop at the hairline. The scalp is skin too and needs to be treated that way. Offering scalp care services can be a great treatment opportunity to provide to your guests!

Hair growth and quality depend on the health and nourishment of the scalp. The scalp has a higher concentration of sebaceous glands than the body, inciting clogged follicles, causing stunted, unhealthy hair growth and irritation. When combined with product build-up and harsh chemicals, you have the ultimate recipe for a problematic scalp, causing slower hair growth and dry, lackluster hair.

The scalp needs to be cleansed, exfoliated, and nourished – just like the rest of your skin. Offer scalp massages to encourage blood flow and vital nutrients to be delivered to the scalp, promoting a healthier scalp and improved hair growth while inducing relaxation. This can be a great addition to a facial or a treatment on its own, providing guests with healthier, shinier, stronger hair.


By Keraceuticals Haircare

Author: Fabiola

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