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Holistic Pain Relief Technology

During my recent trip to ISPA, I unfortunately experienced some back pain. This is unusual for me and I mistakenly thought it was muscular. After realizing that massage and topical aromatherapy and botanicals weren’t going to be strong enough, I used the powerful force of social media to ask for recommendations, after all – I was surrounded by health, wellness and spa experts! I was flooded with responses and advice, leading me to two hi-tech advanced holistic therapies that made a world of difference to the pain that was caused by an out-of-place vertebra.


Utilizing the same principles that apply to an MRI device, Magnecuetical Health uses external magnetic fields in its unique Magnesphere device to target areas within the body at a molecular level to achieve results. Once molecules are resonating in balance, the body can begin to heal itself and symptoms improve. While the company states that the device is designed to promote feelings of relaxation – not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, the fact that it alleviates pain and symptoms from many diseases means that it can have profound effects on the quality of life.

The process itself was very simple. I was invited to relax on a reclining lounger and covered with a blanket. The frame of the machine was around me and overhead, but completely open at the sides and front. Once the program was started, I felt a slight tingling sensation in my core and around my lower back, and some warmth in the area. Despite the extremely cold conference room, I even dozed off to sleep during the session – it was indeed, extremely relaxing. The effects of pain reduction continued to build during the afternoon.

The Magnesphere is designed for use by those experiencing issues such as pain, stiffness, anxiety, low energy level or disrupted sleep. While the Magnesphere may not be a suitable addition to every spa, I believe those spas focusing on health, longevity and wellness retreats may benefit hugely from offering this innovative solution to their discerning guests.


Avacen 2

The Avacen 100 is a unique, FDA cleared device for muscle and joint pain relief, Avacen is an acronym standing for Advanced VAscular Circulation ENhancement. Delivering heat through the palm of the hand, the Avacen 100 increases microcirculation throughout the body. The palm of the hand contains a vascular network of arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and veins. The Avacen 100 thins and warms the blood through the palm of the hand before it returns to the heart and gets pumped throughout the body.

The process is simple. Slip on a disposable sanitary mitt and place your hand into the device for 10-30 minutes depending on treatment requirements. Once started, a vacuum is created and the cuff will gently seal around the wrist. The palm of your hand is gradually heated, thinning and warming the blood, and increasing blood flow. The vacuum ensures the vascular network in the hand stays distended so the treatment can take effect. In an effort to maintain homeostasis and regulate temperature, the warmed blood is sent through the deep tissues to the peripheral capillary network. This increased microcirculation enhances the delivery of oxygen and nutrition to the cells and muscles, while helping to eliminate metabolic waste or ‘toxins’. This results in healthier, more relaxed muscles throughout the body and a reduction in muscle pain.

The device is designed to treat pain associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia and migraines, either by a health or spa professional, or by allowing patients to treat their own pain. Although mine was an acute pain in the lower back, the device helped considerably, and relief from the pain came about halfway through the 20-minute treatment. As someone who loves warmth and easily feels cold in air conditioning and cooler climates, I loved the warming effect I felt throughout my whole body and increased energy levels and sense of wellbeing the treatment gave me.


Author: Fabiola