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The Age of the Hybrid Spa Experience

Every day the headlines are filled with ways in which technology combined with AI – Artificial Intelligence is propelling us to a different experience of living. These developments are redefining the delivery of wellness services – and usher in the age of the hybrid spa experience!

With the integration of Mind/Body Wellness technologies into the spa, owners and operators have a unique opportunity to improve their offering and revolutionize their menus. Technologies that deliver evidence-based wellness benefits add value to the guest experience. Such as far-infrared, with its detox and sports recovery qualities; or binaural vibroacoustic with anti-inflammatory and brain entrainment benefits.

Consider reworking the old spa ‘playbook’ and try new things that deliver real wellness benefits, while providing unparalleled journeys. Combine human touch with accelerated wellness technologies. Adding wellness technology solutions can increase offerings and alleviate the service provider shortage while including a robust element to your business projections, potentially increasing ROI.

Combining the art of ancient healing with the science of well-being, wellness technologies can be experienced alone, or in combination with spa treatments to harmoniously elevate the experience. Create hands-on treatments with touchless experiences to provide well-being optimization, harnessing spa and wellness practices with the accelerated power of 21st century innovation where the net winner is the guest!

By Alina M. Hernandez
Advisory Board Member
Gharieni Group



This facial toning device helps to reenergize the skin and facial muscles, giving a toned and contoured appearance over time, by using microcurrent and LED red light. Microcurrent technology is a low-level electrical current that sends waves through the skin down to the facial muscles. It improves the skin’s microcirculation to enhance nutrient delivery to skin, tissue, and muscles, boosting ATP production. This helps to amplify collagen and elastin production providing definition of facial muscles and smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The device can be used alongside the NuFACE Smart App to customize treatments with three modes: skin-tightening, instant-lift and pro-toning.



Fashionizer Sizer

Creating accurately fitting spa uniforms has always posed a challenge. The measuring processes can be difficult to organize and many spas lack personnel with the required knowledge to precisely evaluate staff sizing.

This inspired Fashionizer Spa Uniforms to partner with Sizer – an AI body measuring tech company to help users effortlessly capture body measurements and deliver highly accurate size recommendations by using the camera of any mobile device. Sizer instructs users on simple poses to collect images from various angles and calculate their exact body measurements, recommending a size based on Fashionizer’s measurement chart.

Fashionizer Spa can now provide a quick, simple, private and accurate measuring process for clients worldwide by using:
• ‘Find my size’ a widget for online shoppers, included on each garment page
• A dashboard with collected measurements from clients, to provide detailed sizes for all staff

By Fashionizer


Technogym App: Superior Results Faster

The Technogym app offers a wide choice of on-demand video workouts and a personalized plan that adapts to you, your progress, and your lifestyle.

The app allows users to access workouts anytime and anywhere: at home, at the gym, at work, or outdoors. If you have Technogym equipment available, the app will guide you on the equipment, if not, the app will take you through bodyweight workouts.

By answering questions from the Technogym Coach, Technogym App’s digital trainer, based on artificial intelligence, will guide you step by step with tailored workouts called ‘precision programs’ adapted to your goals, progression, time and available equipment.

As an alternative to your daily ‘precision programs’, choose from the vast on-demand library of exclusive signature programs dedicated to a sport, ‘Technogym routines’ that focus on specific muscle groups or fitness goals, or ‘Technogym sessions’, a trainer-led selection of video lessons (HIIT, strength, running, cycling, yoga and other disciplines soon, such as boxing). The Technogym app will be constantly updated with new workouts and features.

Signature programs are the result of Technogym’s 30 plus years of experience as the reference brand for the Olympics and global sports champions around the world, training you like a pro cyclist, runner, tennis player, golfer and skier. ‘Technogym routines’ and ‘Technogym sessions’ are fitness-oriented and can be selected based on duration, sport, fitness level and any available equipment.

By Technogym



CODAGE has a strong legacy of medicine and pharmacy, their trajectory in formulation and apothecary is enhanced by leaning on technological innovation focused on skincare, resulting in the creation of myCODAGE, a personalized service, which thanks to new digital tools and the use of an app, conducts an online questionnaire to diagnose, prescribe and elaborate a serum with concentrations, active ingredients, texture and application 100% tailored to the needs of the skin and the preferences of each person.

MyCODAGE celebrates the uniqueness of each skin, through this thorough diagnosis that brings together expert knowledge and technical development, analyzing factors such as habits, climate, pollution, hormonal aspects, sensitivity, genetic predisposition, affinity to certain textures/aromas, which are key to the creation of the ideal formula for each skin, a unique, effective and all-in-one creation, which is made in France and delivered to your home.




The Oxa wearable device helps users with their breathwork practice; reducing stress and improving sleep quality via resonance breathing to create coherence between the breath and the heart rate, relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS).

The small circular device clips into a custom T-shirt, bra top or chest band, each equipped with sensors to monitor live breathing and heart rate (HR) data, measuring depth and duration of inhales and exhales, also calculating heart rate variability (HRV) an indicator of heart health and stress.

Using audio and visual cues and feedback, Oxa guides users through journeys of activities designed to harness the fundamental power of the breath. Use the breath to calm the mind and create coherence or exercise the breath with power breathing, breath hold practices and minimal breathing.

The new sleep program also allows users access to data such as sleep position (left, right, belly or back), position shifts, and HR plus HRV during the night. The calmness score is also tracked throughout the sleep timeline. Users can select guided breathwork audio tracks to promote calm and fall asleep faster.

With journeys, excercises, scores and tests, Oxa engages users via gamification, encouraging users to monitor their progress and celebrate their achievements as they experience the real-world results of lower stress and better sleep.


Author: Fabiola