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Alfaparf Milano skincare brands: Arrival and partnerships in Latin America

Which Alfaparf brands are available in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America and who distributes them?
We are focusing on introducing skin care lines and equipment to Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America.

TeN Science is available in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, and will soon be available in Mexico. Solarium, our brand of sunscreens with formulas biodegradable in salt water -protects the skin for 80 minutes underwater. Olos, our natural and sustainable skincare brand, will soon be available in Panama, Guatemala and El Salvador. Finally, Dibi Milano will be available in Colombia. Regarding equipment, we have both aesthetic and medical technology entering the markets in Colombia and Mexico.

Can we expect any of the other Alfaparf brands in our region soon?
The year 2024 will be a very important year. We are anticipating the arrival of Solarium and planning the introduction of the other brands in the region. We are also working on our technology, as well as our skincare and hair care lines, manufactured in Italy.

What makes Olos products unique?
This natural, clinically proven line with ‘clean’ formulas is produced under strict sustainability standards. The brand has packaging and environmental compensation programs to reduce its ecological footprint, contributing to the regeneration of 822,298 f2 (76,394 m2) of forest with almost 11,595 trees planted in Madagascar.

What differentiates TeN Science products from other brands?
TeN Science is a historical brand of Alfaparf Milano and highly recognized in markets such as Mexico, where we are looking for a new commercial partner that can access the market with the strength and determination the brand requires.

TeN Science combines the best of nature with the best of science, honoring the brand’s premise: Tecnologia e Natura. Its new image makes it very attractive, while its high quality products and treatments make it unique in the professional market.

What new product launches can we expect in the near future?
I can announce that Dibi Milano will launch a spectacular new product for the medical sector, and TeN Science and Olos will continue to offer products focused on incorporating the best results for consumers in the most natural and sustainable way possible.


By Victor Camon
Export Manager
Alfapaf Milano
www.olos.eu / www.tenscience.com / www.solarium.it / www.dibimilano.com



Author: Fabiola

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