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Regenerative Agriculture: An Interview with Comfort Zone

In 2021, the Davines Group – Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center was announced, why is regenerative agriculture so important to the brand?
As a Group, we embrace a regenerative vision of sustainability. We believe that the time has come to abandon the extractive approach, in favor of a regenerative one that can guarantee a future for the next generations.

We strive to restore the environmental balance between humans and nature by giving back more than what we receive. The European Regenerative Organic Center, in partnership with Rodale Institute, was born to carry on research, training and outreach, demonstrating the beneficial effects of regenerative organic agriculture, positively impacting production and supply chain, improving social and environmental practices in our industry.

How does regenerative agriculture influence [comfort zone] formulas?
Our mission to combine high-performance ingredients with the highest sustainability standards inspired us to reach out to Italian farmers embracing organic regenerative farming to source the main ingredients.

Our first launch was the proprietary blend of botanical antioxidants in Sacred Nature, our Ecocert Certified line. In 2022, we introduced Achillea Millefolium extract in our Sublime Skin collection, for its benefits in stimulating collagen synthesis. For the new Hydramemory line in 2023, we included Prickly Pear for its capability to restore hydration and reinforce the skin’s barrier.

How does the creation of [comfort zone] products positively impact the world?
Besides acting on the supply chain, there are many aspects of product design that contribute to either reducing or making a positive impact. We use recyclable paper from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) forests for our packaging and in-store communication; ensuring all components are fully recyclable and 100% CO2 neutralized with reforestation projects.

We’ve partnered with Plastic Bank to collect and remove, from coastal areas in Indonesia, the Philippines and Brazil, an equivalent amount of plastic to every plastic-packed product that we will sell in 2023. Plastic Bank builds ethical recycling ecosystems, where local collectors exchange ocean plastic for bonuses that give families access to basic necessities such as food, fuel for cooking, school fees and health insurance. We’re also committed to using recycled or renewable plastic, reducing the use of virgin plastic by 63% since 2014.

What new products or ingredients is [comfort zone] currently working on?
Most of our lines are reformulated or upgraded every 3 to 5 years, focusing on aging, hydration and skin barrier restoration. Our research and development team of scientists constantly explores how to bring our products to the next level in terms of sustainability and how to keep every skin healthy and resilient, in its best ‘comfort zone’ in every condition.

By Davide Bollati
Chairman/ Owner
Davines and [comfort zone]




Author: Fabiola