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The Importance of Skin Health for Well Being: An Interview with Karen Ballou

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What personal experiences led to the creation of Immunocologie?
An interesting part of life’s journey is when the unexpected happens, and you suddenly learn that ‘nothing is by chance’. At those times, you find an inner resilience to make ‘lemonade out of lemons’. That happened to me. I worked with a French company that developed a special green clay when I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The botanist and researcher I worked with suggested using green clay as an adjunct treatment, and I began incorporating it into my wellness protocol. Five years later I was in remission, that inspired me to create this brand.

Why the name Immunocologie?
Exploring the word ‘immunity’ was important, speaking to the body’s innate wisdom for maintaining health, resistance and balance. Especially after the collective experiences lived over the past few years, people are more aware and interested in how the immune system prevents damage and illness.

What were some milestones you encountered on this journey?
One was discovering the importance of the skin as a functioning organ of the immune system and the other was realizing that not all clays are the same!

What is the brand DNA of Immunocologie, and what are the differentiators?
Immunocologie holds a unique and leading-edge place in the current skin health industry. My aim was to bring more attention to skin health, this is the brand DNA. The differentiator is vital energy that the products bring to the skin and body through the delivery system of the Green Clay Water.

Our core approach to skin health focuses on absorption and adsorption, referring to a push and a pull action where we intentionally add nutrients and remove toxins, reducing inflammation and transdermal water loss, strengthening capillary walls and adding nourishing oils.

Immunocologie tells stories from around the world, with ingredients sourced from conscientious and sustainably focused producers. We include shea butter from Africa, oils of the baobab tree and desert date seed from a women’s co-op in Burkina Faso.

What is the importance of including clay and minerals in the products?
Every product has green clay water, creating consistency throughout the line. Initially, this clay was used in agriculture as a natural pesticide on potatoes, tests showed these potatoes were richer in minerals than others, so the clay was included in health applications. The clay functions as a conduit, releasing a negative charge and maintaining an alkaline environment rich in vitamins and minerals beneficial for the skin barrier and microbiome.

How do you bridge science and nature, and include it in the brand through ingredients, philosophy and biomimicry?
Our use of natural methods such as fermentation, cold pressing, and rich ingredients allows the product to penetrate deeply in the skin without any toxicity. We must care for the skin like we care for the gut or exercise program. Skin has memory, it knows how to repair itself following the natural blueprints designed to heal, protect, and stay healthy and glowing, and our products support this ability.

How does Immunocologie address the microbiome?
We now understand that overall health is all about the microbiome. We need both good and bad bacteria in balance. We do not need to strip the skin with peels and abrasives. There is a trending concept of ‘dirty wellness’ which asserts that a certain amount of exposure to dirt is healthy for the immune system. My formulations are effective and nurturing, they purify, cleanse, hydrate and balance oil and water retention because we are balancing the flora of the skin and internal environment.

What is your vision for Immunocologie’s impact as a leading wellness brand?
To bring a new and effective conversation to the world. I am excited to see an emerging new potential in an integral approach to healthy skin and immunity. Finally, the skin is seen as a major communicator to the world outside us and to the balance inside.

Soon we will launch programs focusing on supporting specific moments of life with Immunocologie. First, a comprehensive skin health program for cancer patients and survivors, in collaboration with Wellness for Cancer, founded by Julie Bach. We will also focus on the perinatal period of life, and the importance of supporting the mom and baby with the First 1000 Days of Life certification program with Patricia Laddis.

What acknowledgments has Immunocologie received?
Recently, the California Naturopathic Association named Immunocologie as the #1 skincare brand for 2023. Immunocologie was recently on the cover of NY Lifestyle Magazine. I was named one of the top 50 ‘Who’s Who’ in America.

What is your most ambitious dream yet?
I am excited about heading to Mexico with Satteva! Opening in Mexico City at NIMA Urban Spa is a game changer. Working in collaboration is a way to strengthen and show that our efforts are making a difference. This is my dream come true, to touch people’s lives, one country at a time, as we help people to find their way to optimal healthy living.



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