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Expert Panel: What should I consider when creating signature treatments? with Alejandra Millán

What factors should I consider when creating signature treatments for my spa?


By Renan Ramos
Wellness Professional



Alejandra Millan



Alejandra Millán
Wellness Trip Colombia



Create signature treatments inspired by the location of your spa, consider its culture, natural environment, and create the narrative of how your signature treatment reflects the mission of your spa.

Integrate the culture and local community to include unique and authentic values in a ritual: be sure to credit their work and even provide royalties when applicable.

Natural elements can provide inspiration for the creation of spaces and for the experience such as aromas, sensations, perceptions, multisensory moments, and even for the creation of souvenirs.

Combine both culture and natural elements to create a narrative involving and connecting guests with the treatment, including both the physical aspects and the intangible, or energetic aspects.

Most importantly, have a clear mission for your spa, when combined correctly with these aspects, it will allow us to create an authentic, unique and truly signature treatment.

Author: Fabiola

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