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Lashes & Brows

Every woman wants longer, thicker eyelashes and fuller, bolder eyebrows. There’s nothing sexier than eyes framed by long luscious eyelashes and a natural-looking brow. You can get thick, long and dark lashes and brows even if you’re not naturally gifted with them. Lash and brow enhancers are a popular solution for women who want to improve their current features. These enhancers can be profitable retail products to support lash and brow salon services.

For example, a trending look for brows right now are bigger, bolder, beautiful brows! This brow trend has dominated 2017. Not only are women looking for brows with wows, they are trying to get a natural-looking brow as well. So put down that pomade and pick up a brow enhancing serum. After a waxing service, spas can send their clients home with brow serums and teach them how to get the full brow they want.

A popular lash trend that has been circling around is to achieve longer and thicker looking lashes. Women want to get the false-lash/no-mascara look while still having their lashes look natural. A quick and easy way they are doing this is to use lash enhancing serums. Lash enhancing serums are easy to use, effective, and are safe to use with lash extensions/contact lenses. You can get amazing lashes with just one swipe a day. Lash serums are being sold often by spas that provide lash extension services so they are easier to apply/remove.


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