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Spa Education

Traning professionals for the wellness industry

At Agueda Spa Academy, we provide comprehensive education for our professionals in a real work environment, with a theoretical and practical program consisting of 1250 hours. Students specialize in cosmetology, massage therapy, spa techniques and guest service.

We reinforce the pillars of wellness by creating healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle culture in each of our students through workshops and wellness activities. In addition, we have developed the ‘SPATOUR’ travel concept to enhance their professional projection; enabling our students to learn about the industry, its needs, and its reach.

Staying up-to-date and in tendency with different cultures is a priority, for this reason our students travel through knowledge, practice and live experience of the world’s diverse techniques and therapies.

We establish professional connections with renowned industry companies for our graduates and officially certified professionals. We are fully confident that all of them have developed the required skills and abilities to join us in this great mission: to promote and provide greater wellness to guests. We are certain that combining human talent with professional training is the key to success.

By Águeda Ávalos
Agueda Academia de Spa



Spa Education - Circadia University

The Importance of Online Learning

In today’s world, embracing online learning is critical for spa professionals seeking to enhance their skills and knowledge.

Flexibility with learning
Skincare professionals often work in demanding environments with busy schedules. By offering online courses, therapists have flexibility to learn at their own pace. Training materials can be accessed from anywhere, allowing therapists to balance their work and learning commitments.

Exposure to diverse expertise
Instead of one trainer, professionals can gain insights from industry experts, access the latest research and trends, and learn from diverse perspectives, broadening their knowledge base on best practices, enabling them to gain confidence.

Staying up to date
In a constantly evolving industry, with new techniques, products, and treatments emerging regularly, it’s important that spa professionals stay ahead of the curve, continuously improving their skills and expanding their expertise, enhancing the reputation and competitiveness of their spa.

Professional development
Investing in learning demonstrates a commitment to employee development and satisfaction. Providing opportunities for growth and professional advancement fosters a positive work environment and motivates employees to excel.

By Circadia University


Spa Education - Evolution U

Soft Skills Training

Spa training typically focuses on delivering treatments and building product knowledge, failing to maximize revenues. Most spa staff lack interpersonal skills needed to understand guests’ needs. In one of the largest sales studies conducted, Gartner found that 53% of customer loyalty is driven by the sales experience. The research suggests investing in delivering a better sales experience, which means training our staff in soft skills.

Soft skills refer to how we communicate: choice of words, tone of voice, body language and our ability to develop connections with guests. I estimate 20-30% of revenue potential is lost through a lack of capability. For example, many guests visit spas only once, a huge potential revenue leakage; attracting new guests has a cost. We should not solely depend on the treatment quality to bring them back – a fundamentally flawed assumption.

The largest revenue leakage exists at reception: the first and last point of contact for most guests should be where we focus soft skills training. When guests enter the spa, they enjoy a sensory journey. Accompanying this is the ‘spa persona’; a calmness that emanates from a soft, low voice, helping others to feel relaxed and is used well by most skilled spa professionals. When new guests call, our tone of voice is even more important, as is the only sense present. Research by MIT shows that the closer our tone is to another person, the more favorably we perceive them. This is just one example of how a small change in our communication style can greatly impact our results.

By Neil Orvay, Founder & CEO
Sense of Touch / Evolution-U


Spa Education - Cancer Care

Cancer Care Education in the Spa Industry

Christine Clinton has been in the health and wellness sector for over 33 years, and specializes in advanced education with a focus on cancer care in spa settings. Christine Clinton Cancer Care offers international certification to spas and wellness properties throughout Mexico. This award-winning, three-day in-person training is available in both Spanish and English.

This program helps spas and resorts to certify as ‘cancer aware spas’ through the SATCC (Standards Authority for Touch in Cancer Care) with each participating therapist receiving an individual certificate and a pin to be worn on their uniform identifying them as a cancer care therapist.

With increasing frequency, guests with a history of cancer visit spas expecting to receive bespoke massages and facials. Therapists should be prepared to welcome all guests regardless of their health history.

Cancer treatments such as surgery, radiation and chemotherapy can cause long-term side effects. This training teaches therapists how to safely and effectively work with guests who may be in active treatment for cancer or have a history of cancer. They learn how to take care of scar tissue, improve range of motion, enhance lymphatic function and support the integrity of the skin. Hand and foot rituals are included, in addition to head and scalp massages for guests who may be experiencing alopecia.

By Christine Clinton


Spa Education - Belle Academy

Foundational education for spa therapists

The main pillar of the spa is education, since it provides the skills, knowledge and tools required to provide the best wellness experience, contributing to an improved overall life for the body and mind.

With the aim of redirecting the education of spas and in turn, elevating one of the main foundations of the spa and wellness industry, at Belle Academy we have redesigned our training and updated programs for professionals in the industry, with the main objective of increasing confidence and quality in spa experiences, in addition to achieving a comprehensive development focused on several aspects:

Mirror technique: uniformity in the sequence of treatments performing the same process on each hemisphere of the body when offering a service is fundamental to achieving a balance between body, mind and emotions, resulting in overall healing.

Emotional empathy: the empathic openness of the therapists to capture every detail of the guest’s needs to achieve an effective sequence and an openness to connect with the physical, mental and emotional channels within.

Updating and continuous reinforcement: there is always talk of keeping therapists up-to date, but sometimes the fundamental bases are lost. It is important to return to these bases and create synergy between traditional techniques and the new trends in the industry to offer an ethical and conscious service.

Por Arabelle del Pilar Rosario
Belle Academy

Author: Fabiola

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