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Why Invest in Wellness?

Wellness is a balance between body, mind and spirit that unleashes feelings of satisfaction, peace and tranquility.

Nowadays, global health faces critical scenarios. Stress, considered as a global disease, is caused by exhaustive working schedules that lead to fatigue, decreased productivity and increased tension. Similarly, there is the Burnout Syndrome studied in the 1970s by Herbert Freudenberger who emphasized: “Stress can lead to physical, mental and social dysfunctions; even damage our health, deplete our productivity and affect our family and social circles. “

In addition, Dr. Francisco Becerra, assistant director of the Pan American Health Organization, made reference to: “Labor stress is not strange for any of us. Today the labour market – with its industrial advances, globalization, technological development and virtual communications – imposes challenges and conditions that often exceed the limits of our skills and capabilities.”

Due to these reasons, in recent years an industry focused on the prevention of diseases and discomforts without involving medical treatments but rather promoting healthy environments has been created, this is the wellness industry. This market development creates business opportunities and professionals in the area, contributing to job creation, improving quality of life and can have a direct impact on public health.

The Global Wellness Institute frequently conducts and presents comprehensive research on the global wellness industry, the Global Wellness Economy Monitor. The paper notes that the wellness economy had a growth rate of 10.6 per cent, $3.72 USD trillion, from 2013 to 2015, while the global economy shrank by 3.6 per cent, demonstrating that the wellness industry is one of the world’s fastest growing and resilient niches.

Is there any remaining doubt as to why we should invest in wellness?

Laura Barrantes Requeno

President, Costa Rica Wellness Tourism Association


Author: Fabiola