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Choose Well: The Sustainable Solution for Selecting Towels and Robes

Spas, wellness centers, and resorts invest a huge amount of resources in linens and laundering sustainable cotton or synthetic micro-fibers: making the right decision for the environment and the bottom line is critical.

The goal in our industry is to create the best experience for guests, incorporating a complete sensorial journey – with touch being paramount. Upon completion of a flawlessly delivered treatment, guests are in a state of bliss when you offer to wrap them in…PLASTIC? If you’re using towels, robes and sheets containing microfibers, then that’s exactly what is happening.

The hospitality industry has taken a stand against the use of plastics by banning straws and cups, now it’s time to look at how we can further improve. Over 250,000 tons of plastics can be kept from the oceans globally by avoiding towels, robes and sheets made of microfiber.

Microfibers are not recyclable and may be flammable and emit toxic gasses. Microfibers are ‘forever’ particles that never break down in nature. Although invisible to our naked eye, these particles continue to buildup in our waters, lakes, oceans, and air, entering our food chain and air supply, they have been linked to cancer, compromised immune systems, hormonal imbalances, and many more illnesses.

Did you know that washing one load of microfiber robes and towels sheds 100,000 microfibers (forever particles), which then flow into our precious oceans, rivers, and streams, through wastewater? Laundering microfiber products releases 500,000 tons of microfibers – that never breakdown – into the waterways each year, the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles.

Consider cotton: technology that supports sustainably farmed cotton and weaving has progressed to the point where you can still have luxurious cotton towels and robes and save resources: reducing storage space, washing and drying time, and cost overall. Sustainably farmed high-grade cotton ensures quality, comfort and durability, along with their luxurious feel, ensuring an elevated experience for guests and a sound investment.

Our lives and livelihoods are dependent on maintaining clean, safe water. Using natural, sustainably farmed cotton is the answer to keeping waterways clean and ensuring a healthier future for all. Choose wisely, our future depends on it!


By Gilad Lang
The Madison Collection

Author: Fabiola