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One Simple Secret to Drive Profits and Enhance Guest Satisfaction

Hint: you CAN control your guest’s minds, to help them get the most out of their spa visit


No matter what spa services your guests’ book, feeling and looking great, and enjoying every minute of the experience is the underlying goal of every visit.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or stressed? Maybe you’ve noticed that mind chatter can dull even the most delightful experiences. Even if you are offered the most skilled massage, a stressed mind can rob your guest of the pleasure allowing for only a partial relaxation.

One’s mind has to be at peace in order to allow the body to receive the full benefit of a treatment. Meditation is a simple secret to improving your client satisfaction and giving them the tools to sustain their well-being long after their spa visit.

A guided meditation will help your guests to balance their nervous system, soothe anxieties, and elevate their mood.

Practical Tips:

1.Include a pre-recorded meditation prior to every treatment to enhance the results
2.Sell the recordings in your retail store to add to your profits
3.Offer a complimentary meditation classto bring more potential clients to your spa

Dr. Sky Blossoms


Author: Fabiola