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A Wellness Experience: Remedy Place, New York, USA

Remedy Place

Located in Chelsea, Manhattan, Remedy Place NY offers guests and members an alternate style of social engagement. A social wellness club with ‘tech remedies’ such as hyperbaric chambers, lymphatic compression suits and red light therapy in addition to contrasting temperature therapy via cryotherapy, ice baths and infrared saunas.

Conceptualized by Dr. Jonathan Leary, a chiropractic medicine practitioner, who saw the need for a social space enabling people to come together to enjoy wellness activities and benefit from healing remedies, creating connection and purpose.

Holistic practitioners on-site offer chiropractic treatments, acupuncture, cupping, IV drips, and vitamin injections. Memberships include a variety of tech remedies and treatments per month with social self-care benefits of bringing a plus one to certain activities.

Group classes include breathwork and ice bath sessions, sound baths and yoga flow classes. Book into a breathwork and ice bath session, held regularly, the same way you would book into a yoga class! Benefit from eleven minutes of breathwork followed by up to six minutes in water of 38-39°F (3-4°C) while a coach guides you through the process.

A comfortable lounge space that is ‘temptation and toxin-free’, invites guests to relax and enjoy a tea or infusion, or to connect on a tubular lounge chair where two people can face each other while receiving their vitamin shot or IV drip. Remedy Place can also bring experiences to their guests, often holding breathwork and ice bath sessions on rooftops around New York!



By Sara Jones, editor


Author: Fabiola

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