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Sound Healing

sound therapy - myndstream

Spa Music Service

Myndstream has launched a unique Spa Music Service, providing spas and independent therapists with a cost-effective solution to elevate the auditory experience within therapeutic environments. An ever-growing body of evidence shows the power that music has to meaningfully influence our mind and body. By conducting ongoing research on the effects of the Spa Music Service, Myndstream aims to help therapists create fully immersive experiences.

Hearing is an incredibly powerful sense that can create an environment and transport the guest to a different state. Through the development of a simple online platform, the service allows spas to retain control of the music whilst accommodating guest and therapist preferences. All music has been intentionally created and curated to improve the listener’s wellness.

The service provides accessible, affordable, correctly licensed, high-quality music programming at a low subscription cost, with an annual fee of $250, and a $150 charge per additional location, and offers over 50 bespoke playlists, fully licensed and featuring award-winning well-being musicians.



sound healing - gharieni

RLX Satori Wellness Lounger

Found in the world’s most exclusive wellness properties, behavioral change and allopathic clinics, and rehabilitation centers, Gharieni Satori offers a complete natural vibrational and binaural sound therapy, designed to fully synchronize body and mind, while changing neural pathways and creating healthy behaviors. Vibroacoustic therapy has been clinically proven to have positive effects on mood and behavior of people recovering from stress, anxiety, sleeping disorders, and addictions, also in those looking to reduce stress.

The luxurious lounger uses technology that releases specific sound frequencies throughout the body, while synchronous binaural sound and music design, sometimes combined with guided meditation, guides brainwave patterns to states of relaxation, meditation, sleep and optimum focus. The Satori offers nine programs (four non-verbal and five voice-guided), each can be completed in 4-6 sessions.

Relaxation and meditation programs guide the brainwaves to alpha and theta states. Behavioral change programs work on the theta brainwave level and suppress the conscious mind. Guided meditation programs are delivered to the subconscious mind to support lasting behavioral change, while ‘sleep’ and ‘power nap’ are deep delta level programs helping retrain the brain to turn off the thinking mind and achieve states of deep delta sleep.

Programs include:
• Breath-Meditation through breathwork
• Chakra Alignment
• Gamma Meditation
• Vibrational Wellness
• Meditation Energy
• Sleep Wave
• Satori Sound Change: Tobacco Cessation
• Satori Sound Change: Recovery
• Satori Sound Change: Weight Management

Gharieni Group


SoVi Vibroacoustic Therapy

Most people would agree, music can either soothe the soul or feel like ‘nails on a chalkboard’. In both cases, it can affect one’s mood and change a person’d state of mind. Music is a form of communication and can convey its message in a myriad of ways. Auditory input, of course, is the first thing we think of, is it melodic or rhythmic? Does it have a calming effect or is it stimulating? Music can evoke a wide array of emotions.

Oakworks takes this innate power of music to a new level with SoVi Vibroacoustic Therapy, now available on certain models of massage beds. This enables the guest to not only hear the music but to also feel it throughout their body via built-in transducers. These transducers convert the music’s lower frequencies to vibrations, allowing the user to both hear and feel the music.

There can be no doubt, music stirs the soul, and Oakworks is harnessing that magic and including it in their massage beds. Music then becomes part of the treatment experience for increased wellness and stress reduction, also calming the mind, body, and spirit of the guest.



sound healing - LEC

LEC® Mind-Sync™ Harmonic Sleep Lounger

The innovative lounger is an unattended, zero gravity treatment experience designed to reduce stress and anxiety levels and enhance restorative sleep states. It combines clinically tested, vibroacoustic sound therapy with perfect zero-gravity positioning for accelerated guest restoration. Six total immersion therapy programs target stress reduction, enhanced sleep, and restorative meditation in 25-to-60-minute durations. The Lounger utilizes four powerful, full-spectrum transducers to flow Quantum Harmonic™ sound waves through the body, while noise-canceling headphones deliver two channels of proprietary brainwave entrainment frequencies, masked by gentle music and nature sounds to help over-ride the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight), moving guests to the more relaxed, para-sympathetic control.

Perfect for before and after spa and wellness treatments, the lounger offers significant revenue potential, without requiring a therapist, as both an add-on or stand-alone service. Great for use in relaxation areas and/or dedicated treatment rooms.

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