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Interview with Alberto Cortina, Founder of Vitalí Spa


How was the concept of IntraSpa born and how did you integrate it into Vitalí Spa?

The IntraSpa concept arose from 12 years of experience as a spa, which allowed us to understand what guests are looking for. Before becoming an IntraSpa, we only looked at human beings partially, seeing just symptoms (stress, depression, sadness, anxiety, anger, melancholy and others) without intervening in the factors that cause them.

Anxiety, burnout, stress, and bad habits are on the rise, and the Covid-19 pandemic has caused people to seek ways to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health. We responded by creating IntraSpa, which allows us to see the human being in a more comprehensive way, and the spa as a space that helps to change habits and help people achieve wellness.


How are the experiences and rituals at Vitalí Spa shaped?

The rituals provide importance to the transformation of each guest and make their healing process sacred. All experiences combine activities that exploit the senses of each guest, such as yoga, meditation, conscious breathing, healthy eating, aromatherapy, sound healing, massages and more.


What experience do you recommend to someone visiting Vitalí Spa for the first time?

The typical ritual of Vitalí Spa, which begins with the guest’s arrival and being received by their therapist, and is accompanied to the initial circuit, where the guest is placed in a yoga posture to improve breathing and become aware of their body. This is followed by a healthy shot at our detox bar, with ingredients to stimulate the senses and the immune system.

Afterwards, the guest enters the dimly lit relaxation area, to begin traveling internally using techniques that provide a sense of containment. Their therapist helps them to understand and manage their emotions.

This is followed by a massage and meditation in the labyrinth, including sound therapy. The experience ends at check-out, where guests have the ability to create a personal journal, based on a few guiding questions.


Can you tell us more about the spaces in Vitalí Spa?

In addition to the detox bar, we have the flow area, the wellness boutique and the spa. In the flow area there is a series of yoga supports to connect with yourself. Right there is the relaxation area with a variety of bowls and instruments for sound therapy.

The wellness boutique offers elements and advice on exercises (yoga, breathing, sound therapy and aromatherapy) to continue practicing at home.

In the spa area there are the massage rooms, a sauna, steam room and the oxygen bar.


How does Vitalí Spa incorporate art into their experiences?

Art is a unique and personal experience, at Vitalí Spa guests can contemplate works of art, make origami, mandalas, drawings, read or participate in various workshops or ceremonies.

We can find art anywhere, reflect and recognize ourselves in art to deepen our emotions and individuality.




Author: Fabiola

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