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Seven ways to prepare your spa for the holidays

The holidays are a time for celebration, but they can also be hectic. To make sure you and your staff are ready to handle the holiday rush, here are seven tips for getting your spa ready:

1. Prepare and motivate your team
Make sure your team is prepared for the additional workload by giving them plenty of advance notice of any schedule changes or increased hours. Clearly communicate what is expected of them, so there is no confusion about shifts or how many hours they need to work. Make sure they are motivated and ready to begin. Offer them gift cards, vacation days or other incentives.

2. Plan and buy your retail items in advance
By having your business fully stocked and ready to go in October, the holidays will be less stressful and more profitable. This will allow you to work out last-minute details and make sure you have everything when the holidays begin. This is a good time to try extensions to the lines you currently have or new categories like LED light therapy.

3. Plan themes for retail and treatments
Theme merchandising allows you to mix different product categories. For example, if you sell robes, you could add candles and bath salts, creating a ‘relaxing bath’ package. This helps to increase the ticket amount per guest. Here are some other package ideas:
• Spa day at home: face masks, jade roller, foot baths and hand masks.
• Wellness: aromatherapy jewelry, aromatherapy perfumes and crystals.
• Wellness room: candles, diffusers, face cupping kit.

4. Introduce beauty and stress relief services
Holidays are a busy time of year for guests too. Suddenly there is no time for anything but shopping and parties. Be sure to promote stress relieving treatments and beauty services during the holidays, so guests know you are there to help.

5. Don’t forget the gift cards
Don’t let your earnings slip away by forgetting gift cards in time for the holidays. They’re a great way to keep up with demand and help maximize revenue from existing guests while attracting new ones.

6. Create a festive look
Create an energetic atmosphere by adding Christmas-themed decorations around the reception area, but avoid going overboard. Don’t overwhelm your guests when they walk through the door. Add festive music in the background.

7. Update the website and social networks
Make sure all your information is up to date so guests can find you quickly and easily. This includes hours of operation, pricing information, and even photos of the services offered. Be sure to post about your seasonal deals!


By Dafne Berlanga, Sr. Director Equipment Global and Jorge Pelaez, Development Director LATAM
Universal Companies

Author: Fabiola