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Expert Panel Q&A with Sharon Sedgwick


The hotel where I work at has exclusivity with the British market and it is located in the Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean. How can we encourage these clients to take advantage of spa services, bearing in mind that many of these guests are not used to spending money on health, wellness and beauty?

Geancarlo de Porta, Spa Manager, Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Jamaica by Karisma

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Sharon Sedgwick, Spa Consultant

First and foremost you need to know your client, beyond the obvious. This will take some investigation on your part.

These basic questions are key.
1. What’s most important to them?
2. What’s most important for their family?
3. How do they determine value?

When you know what’s important to them then you can highlight the importance of self-care, endurance, capacity and performance enhancement. Once they can see the benefits that will better themselves and their lives, this gives visible value to your services.

When you have these answers they will tell you how to connect to these guests and provide for them. These questions highlight what you will need to do to create value for them and show them how that value will reflect back positively to what is important to them and their family.

Another important part to this equation; who do you need to be to get them to say yes? You must match them on their level and gently guide them to where you need them to be. Offer classes on your products and services, do demonstrations poolside. Your goal is to increase the value and educate your guests.

Author: Fabiola