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Global Wellness Summit 2022: Day 3

Highlights of the Global Wellness Summit 2022
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A Global Economist Looks at The Future: Triumphs & Challenges for the Wellness Economy
Susie Ellis, Chair & CEO, GWS, US & Thierry Malleret, Co-founder & Managing Partner, Monthly Barometer, France

In a time when we are all inundated with news, the monthly barometer delivers a snapshot of economic, geopolitical, societal, and environmental impacts. It’s hard to be individually well in a world that is not well.

It’s much easier for those of us who are privileged to make healthy decisions, but very difficult for those who are not.

The cost of non-communicable diseases will become unsustainable for nations, wellness will be incentivized or mandated.

Wellness overall is recession-proof, as we all want to be well! Nature is the perfect antidote for today’s ailments.


Awash in Wellness: The Big Business of Thermal Parks
Special presentation: World Bathing Day 2022
Charles Davidson, Chairman, founder, Creative Director, Peninsula Hot Springs, Australia; Mark Hennebry, Director, Hotels at Cp Holdings; Chair Ensana Health Spas; Vice Chair Danubius Hotel Group, UK; Stelian Iacob, Senior Vp & COO, Therme Group & Tina Newman, Director, Sales & Marketing, Castle Hot Springs, US

Thermal water parks are allowing connection and community even in an urban context. The growth of thermal parks is driven by demand from the younger population. People need ample time at a hotel offering thermal water experiences. Set arrival and departure days had a positive effect, creating calm during the time between arrivals where guests connect with nature and the water they travel there to experience.


Health & Wellbeing in the Metaverse: Pure Futurism or the Game Changer for Longevity?
Noam Gabison, Industry Manager for Digital Health, Meta, Israel

A collection of virtual spaces where people can connect and communicate. The Meta Quest Pro is a new headset for transformative mixed reality to bring the metaverse to life. Primarily providing social experiences, this delivers the feeling of really being present. Working in the metaverse is much more engaging than Zoom, fitness in the metaverse allows for a multitude of activity options enjoyed from the home.

Within 5-7 years we expect to see mass adoption of experiences based within the metaverse. Noam claims that the metaverse is shifting online time, not taking away more offline time.


Making Illness Irrelevant
Naveen Jain, CEO, Viome, US

Naveen invites us to rethink our businesses so we learn from each customer, and the service will continually improve. Think big and attract the best people who want to tackle the biggest challenges.

Our gene expression is what is reflected in our reality. Preventable disease is, of course, preventable! The most important element is nutrition, then stress, movement, and sleep.  With 2 hours of deep sleep and 2 hours of REM sleep, energy levels should be optimum.

Everything can be personalized for the genetic makeup of the individual; from toothpaste to skincare and haircare.


A Groundbreaking Sustainability Project in the Middle East: Saving the Dead Sea
Oded Rahav, Business & Strategy, Dead Sea Guardians, Israel

The Dead Sea guardians like to claim that this is the healthiest place on earth. It has:

  • Highest percentage of oxygen
  • Plethora of healthy minerals
  • Low solar radiation
  • Zero air pollution
  • Serenity


Every day the Dead Sea is losing half a centimeter due to human impact, diversions of the river Jordan, and mineral extractions via wasteful processes. Sinkholes are forming as the water retreats where previously underground caves were supported by water.

Help to support the cause at www.DSGproject.com


Takeaways from day three

All of it!

Good sleep is essential

We all have to age, but we don’t have to get old.

Invest in nature.


By Sara Jones, Editor

Author: Fabiola

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