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Global Wellness Summit 2022: Day 2

Highlights from the Global Wellness Summit 2022
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Blue Zones Diet: Eating Like the World’s Longest Lived
Dan Buettner, founder, Blue Zones; National Geographic fellow & explorer; New York Times Bestselling Author; Emmy Award-winning Journalist & producer, US

In Sardinia we find highest concentration of male centenarians, the predictors included the steepness of their village, the number of daughters they had (five being the optimum), their active lifestyles, and a Mediterranean diet with plenty of beans. Age is celebrated in Sardinia; wisdom and knowledge are harvested for the good of the family and community.

None of the blue zones communities of people are trying to live longer; they move naturally, eat wisely, drink moderately, enjoy a sense of community, and find purpose in their lives. The standard American diet is the biggest cause of premature death.

Some tips for a blue zone diet:

Beans are the cornerstone of every longevity diet around the world, providing fiber.

Use of herbs may explain low dementia rates.

Food is typically eaten within 8 hours, with the family, and after expressing gratitude.

No snacks are eaten.


The Medical Science for Longevity
Michael Roizen, MD, Cleveland Clinic; professor, US & Tzipora Strauss, Md, MSc, Head of Neonatology Department, Sheba Medical Center; Israel

In the next 10 years, we can expect an exponential increase of 30 years in life expectancy due to research currently underway. Babies born today could live to 100-150 years old, the first longevity medical center is now opening here in Tel Aviv.


Timing Is Everything: Announcing a New Circadian Solution for Everyday Wellness
Mickey Beyer-Clausen, Co-founder & CEO, Timeshifter, Denmark & US

Having conquered jet lag with the innovative app, Timeshifter, Mickey is now optimizing wellness during everyday life. With almost 4000 new circadian studies published in the last year, circadian science is becoming mainstream. The new solutions include advice on food – when to eat and what. Exercise is also best performed at certain times of the day.

In the hospitality space, Six Senses Resorts support their guests with jet lag prevention and recovery support, and will now support staff with the Timeshifter shift worker app.

The new concept, My Circadian Day, will help morning and evening types plan their day around their energy highs and lows.


Sensory Reset: A New Paradigm in Wellness
Ari Peralta, Chief Science Officer, Mycoocooon, Portugal

When we think of the senses, we normally think of sight, smell, sound, touch and taste, but the senses go much further than that.

What we perceive is what we experience, the senses influence and shift perception, and can also influence each other.  Using an optical illusion, see the pulse of your own heartbeat!

How can we evolve from affecting one sense to multiple senses, to personalizing the effects on the senses?

Non-flicker, colored lighting can help with preparation and recovery for medical procedures.

Why color? Color can influence people’s moods. The taste of wine can be influenced by lighting in the environment.

Color paired with a guided audio meditation provides feedback data on what works best to calm each person. Color can induce sleep, emotion, and even interpersonal connection. 


GWI initiative Chairs: Empowering Wellness on a Global Scale


Panel discussion: ‘Wellness’ as the Centerpiece of Travel & Tourism: Now and in the Future
Moderated by Vivienne Tang, founder & CEO, Destination Deluxe, Switzerland

Aldina Duarte Ramos, Global Director of WellBeing, Accor, France

Wellness is a revenue booster, these travelers stay longer and spend 55% more per day than other travelers. Sleep, holistic design, nutrition, sports, spa services, mindfulness and time in nature all play a role in wellness programming. An Accor property in Mexico City now has a female shaman and is offering indigenous rituals, this is a growing trend.


Neil Jacobs, CEO, Six Senses Hotels, Singapore

Six senses is positioned in the middle of primary and secondary wellness travelers and have seen a rapid expansion from just a handful of resorts to a pipeline of over 20.

With a pre-arrival experience to determine what each guest wants, arrival rituals with intention setting, a ‘Guest Experience Maker’ guides the stay created based on criteria highlighted in pre-arrival and with the intentions outlined on arrival.

For plant medicine experiences, Neil sees the legalization of psychedelics for microdosing coming in approximately five years. This is an area of interest for the brand.


Joann Kurtz-ahlers, president, Hidden Doorways, US;

Guests travel to some wellness resorts thinking they’re at the property to lose weight but actually seeking a more spiritual experience.


Karen Campbell, Business Development Consultant, Chiva-Som International Health resort, Thailand;

At Chiva-Som, the focus is the prevention of medical care, with qualified medical professionals trying to assess and uncover the deeper reasons causing the need for a ‘wellness focussed trip’, detox retreat, or de-stress from burnout.


Spa & Wellness Under Threat
Sue Harmsworth, MBE, founder, eSpA & SATCC, UK

Sue spoke of the cyclical nature of things and that our wellness industry can cope with a certain level of mental wellness but not with cognitive depression. Therapists could be taught lifestyle skills much needed for dealing with therapy contraindications, empathy, personality types, and Ayurveda doshas. Don’t confuse spa with wellness, we need more clear definitions going forward.


Groundbreaking Performance Palm Reading: It’s Not What You Think
Moderated by Freddie Moross, Managing Director, Myndstream, UK
Participants: Charles Laubacher, Musician, US & Skooby Laposky, Musician, US

By connecting electrodes to plants, their biodata can actually create music. Myndstream traveled around the region, reading nature and the ecosystem around Israel and accompanying this music with live creation guitar melodies.


By Sara Jones, editor


Author: Fabiola