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Immunocologie’s protocol for facial care

Facial protocol:

Light Immunocologie’s Aurora candle to create a spa like atmosphere. Breath deeply, relax and enjoy your Home Spa Facial.

1) Begin by oil cleansing the skin with the Face Serum Oil, massaging the skin for at least a few minutes to loosen up blocked pores.

2) Double-cleanse with the Cleansing Lotion to fully remove everything from the skin, then gently rinse.

3) Moisten skin with Vital Ionic Mist to prep skin before using the Lava Mask.

4) Apply the Lava Mask following the package’s instructions.

5) Moisten the skin again with the Vital Ionic Mist and gently apply the Hyaluronic Serum.

6) Apply the Night Protection Cream to lock in moisture


List of Products

Vital Clay Mask $95
This deeply nourishing, hydrating face mask leverages our proprietary French green clay blend with 12 essential minerals to purify, detox, and support a healthy microbiome. Non-drying formula draws out pollutants and excess oil, while anti-inflammatory ingredients work to soothe irritation, sensitivities, and calm breakouts.

Vital Ionic Mist $60
A refreshing, detoxifying facial toner spray to restore radiance and skin wellness. This hydrating mist features French Green Clay water in its truest form—with essential minerals

Cleansing Lotion $60
This deeply nourishing cleanser gently sweeps away dead skin cells, dirt and impurities to reveal brighter skin.

Face Serum $98
This luxe dry oil serum combines nutrient-rich botanicals to plump, smooth, and deeply nourish skin. Formulated with desert date oil and shea seed butter extract to regenerate and moisturize skin, as it softens and smooths away fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Serum $98
A deeply hydrating gel serum powered by naturally sourced hyaluronic acid to boost skin’s natural moisture levels.

Night Protection $105
Helps repair your skin barrier overnight while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lava Mask set of 4 $55
Using innovative Lava Gel® — a soothing, self-heating technology — this mask brings the power of both to your skincare routine. Heat helps send the repair-stimulating benefits of 12 essential minerals deep into the epidermis to strengthen and regenerate at the cellular level.

Aurora Candle $48
Evoking the warmth of the sun and the beautiful aromas of nature, this natural oil essence candle offers soothing and relaxing notes of bergamot citrus and sage. Made with a thoughtfully sourced, cruelty-free, vegan vegetable oil blend,

Bonus item: Super 7 Elixir $160
Ultra-reparative formula with French Green Clay, elastin and collagen-stimulating snail mucin, brightening hibiscus esculentus fruit extract, and fatty-acid rich desert date seed oil works to restore a more youthful appearance to skin.


Author: Fabiola