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IntraSpa a new spa concept


An IntraSpa offers treatments with deeper connection and more profound results; to provide physical comfort and a sense of mental and emotional calm, allowing access to the ‘inner self’. Alberto Cortina, founder of IntraSpa, calls this ‘the intra door’. The philosophy of an IntraSpa is that each person contains the answers and resources within them, specialists operate only as facilitators and guides. An IntraSpa provides the setting to inspire a conversation with oneself removing barriers to each process and eliminating fear.

The intraSpa’s proposes that the greatest source of well-being comes from within, and it’s there where you can anchor that feeling of physical and mental wellness you enjoy when visiting a spa: You are inspired to become the best version of yourself. Alberto Cortina explains that the simple act of pausing and reflecting on what really matters and what we want is an act of focus that automatically discards many negative energies and false stress, as these are learned ideas and desires, instead of our own. Remembering what makes us genuinely happy is a source of energy that helps us seek personal renewal.

To achieve lasting change, a full treatment program of sensory experiences are recommended; this should be seen as a positive habit in the pursuit of wellness and connection with the self, rather than a purely recreational activity.


By Vitalí Spa



Author: Fabiola