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The Benefits of Topical CBG

Cannabigerol is more commonly known as CBG, and it’s now turning heads in the spa world. This sister cannabinoid to CBD (Cannabidiol), is one of over 100 known cannabinoids within the hemp plant. These cannabinoids continue to be researched, studied, and tested for topical benefits.

CBG is becoming increasingly popular because it complements the properties of CBD – these can be used together or separately to embody healing physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Benefits of CBG topicals for the body:
• CBG supports the purification of pores, helping to reduce blemishes and skin imbalances causing body acne, pustules or papules.
• CBG clarifies and balances the skin.
• CBG promotes secretion of skin lipids to improve naturally produced oils, protecting the skin’s barrier function and combating dry, irritated, or itchy skin.
• CBG assists skin cell turnover, which can eliminate flakiness on the body.

As research continues to study CBG and facial skin, it is currently only recommended for the body. Stick to your favorite pure CBD skincare line for the face.


By Liz Aigner, LMT, LE, CYT
Director of Color Up Education

Author: Fabiola

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