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American Spa Announces Speakers for 2018 Women in Wellness Conference


American Spa has unveiled an impressive roster of speakers for it its inaugural Women in Wellness Leadership Conference, which takes place March 6, 2018, in New York City. The conference is slated to feature a variety of keynote speakers and breakout workshops and sessions designed to help women grow and evolve both personally and professionally. Speakers for the conference were carefully curated by the American Spa team to ensure a diverse selection of timely topics. “I am inspired by the women who will be speaking at our leadership conference and am honored to have them be part of this day,” says Julie Keller Callaghan, editor-in-chief and publisher of American Spa. “As a woman in a wellness leadership position myself, I can relate to every session, and I am personally looking forward to each one. I am confident that anyone who attends this inspiring conference will walk away from the day with tangible, inspiring, and life-changing tools that will enhance their careers and lives.”

Why You Need a Reinvention Idea in Your Back Pocket
Lesley Jane Seymour, founder of the Covey Club and former editor-in-chief and social media director of More magazine
In an ever-changing, fast-paced world, chances are that a person’s life will be disrupted at some point. Seymour, a master of reinvention herself, will delve into why it’s important for women to be ready to reinvent themselves both professionally and personally.

What Smart Companies Will Do For Women…and What We Should Do For Ourselves
Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and cofounder of Ellevest
Krawcheck, best-selling author of Own It: The Power of Women at Work, the founder of an investment platform for women, and a longtime executive on Wall Street, will share advice on how women can break the pattern of earning and investing less than their male counterparts. She will discuss what companies can do to engage, retain, and advance women at work and provide tips for what women can do today to start earning what they deserve.

The Powerful Self: Turning the Tables on Self-Doubt and Low Self-Esteem to Create a Life Filled with Personal Freedom and an Abundance of Self-Worth
Emme, body positive model and women’s advocate
A TV personality, model, mother, author, brand spokesperson, cancer survivor, lecturer, and women’s self-esteem and body-positivity advocate, Emme was the first model invited to speak before a Congressional subcommittee in Washington, D.C. with a mission to increase public awareness of eating and body-image disorders. At the conference, she will inspire women with advice for connecting with the essence of who they are and teach them to love themselves.

Workshop-style breakout sessions will also take place throughout the day. Among them will be:

Transcending Burnout and Re-Igniting Your Fire
Dana Campbell, CEO of Optimize Corps
In this workshop, Campbell will discuss the primary factors that drive burnout, explore how mind-body practices can support revival, and provide tangible steps for re-igniting passion.

10 Steps to Financial Wellness
Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, money coach and founder of the Fiscal Femme
From transforming their money mindset to setting up processes and positive habits to reach financial goals, this workshop will take participants through 10 immediate, action-oriented, and manageable steps to greatly improve their financial wellbeing.

Embracing Your Innate Feminine Traits to Create a Competitive Edge
Tara Grodjesk (founder of Tara Spa Therapy), Carolyn Parrs and Devi Records (founders of Women as Game Changers)
In a Pepperdine University study, women in top positions were reported as beating the industry average in terms of productivity and profitability. We are reaching a tipping point where the feminine style of leadership is vital to sustainable success in business. This interactive session will explore how innate feminine traits are a significant advantage in the workplace.

Building a Brand with Impact and Influence
Jen Groover, award-winning entrepreneur
Groover will tap into her vast experience and provide participants with best practices for innovation, evolution, and entrepreneurship—from yet-to-be realized personal passion projects to enhancing the impact of current efforts.

How to Sell Your Brand—and Yourself—Through Social Media Authenticity
Lauren Clifford Knudsen, senior vice president of J Public Relations
Knudsen will provide tips and tricks for day-to-day management of Facebook and Instagram. She will also discuss how to promote a brand (be it a personal or professional one) authentically to ensure ongoing relevancy in a crowded space.

Navigating the Cause of Dis-Ease: A Workshop For Cultivating Fearlessness in Difficult Times
Ivy Woolf Turk, founder of Project Liberation
For those feeling disconnected, ill at ease, overwhelmed, stuck, or afraid to make changes, this workshop will offer tools to help reduce physical, mental, and emotional barriers to holistically healthy living. Attendees will leave reconnected with their own sense of power, possibility, and vision.

The day will also include a networking lunch where attendees can choose to sit with a table of peers who will be discussing an issue that resonates. It will end with a networking cocktail party. Attendees will receive a gift bag, local hotel and spa discounts, and VIP passes to IECSC New York, which takes place the prior weekend. Post-event, they will have access to a private American Spa Institute eLearning course with videos, presentations, and more from the day.

American Spa’s Women in Wellness Leadership Conference ($350 per participant) will take place at Convene 117 W 46th Street in New York City. Space is limited, so registration will close when capacity is reached. Register at www.americanspa.com

Author: Fabiola

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