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Incorporating LED light therapy into facials

LED light therapy is a great treatment to combine with nearly every professional treatment because it offers multiple benefits without any downtime. LED activates specific receptors within our skin cells. Receptors are doorways that allow ingredients to ‘enter’ inside a cell and enact change.

Red LED signals fibroblast cells to boost ATP, resulting in an increase in collagen production. With continued treatments, guests can trust their skin will strengthen over time. It also targets redness to immediately calm the appearance and texture of the skin, it is particularly useful for diminishing redness after extractions and chemical peels.

Blue LED is an excellent treatment for acne because it targets the root of the problem, attacking p.acne bacteria causing them to self-implode, without disrupting the skin barrier in the process. This unparalleled acne treatment does not cause dryness or irritation at the infection site and improves the symptoms associated with breakouts, like redness, inflammation, enlarged pores and sensitivity.

LED should be used on clean, dry skin, it provides superior results when combined with other targeted treatments and decreases downtime from invasive treatments. The DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro is designed for daily use, providing instantaneous and cumulative effects. For three minutes a day, the increase in collagen production will improve fine lines, wrinkles, scarring and texture. The key to healthy skin is professional treatments combined with a consistent, home skincare regimen. At-home LED devices protect the investment of professional treatments and prolong results.


By Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare

Author: Fabiola

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