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Interview with [comfort zone]

How was [comfort zone] started and what set the brand apart from others?

[comfort zone] was born in 1996 in Italy, as pioneers in sustainable beauty, led by Dr. Davide Bollati, a leader committed to ethics, innovation and his vision of sustainable beauty. His approach to people and the planet inspires our passion for creating experiences that unite luxury, respect for the skin and the world around us.


What makes [comfort zone] products unique?

In 2016, we became a B Corp that certifies we comply with the highest environmental and social standards. In Davines Village, our home and our factory; we have been carbon-neutral since 2018. This is home to our Scientific Garden, with over 6,000 species of plants, which inspire our team of researchers in scientific innovation and upholding our love for nature and sense of community.


What inspired the most recent line from [comfort zone]: Sacred Nature?

Overpopulation and consumption are eroding more natural resources than the earth is capable of producing. The increase of atmospheric carbon dioxide caused by human activity, compromises biodiversity and balance of many ecosystems. Reducing our environmental footprint is essential, but insufficient.

Sacred Nature represents a manifesto in defense of sustainability, [comfort zone] has decided to become the protagonist of radical change with an effective and safe skin care system to not only regenerate the skin but also the planet, thus mitigating the climate crisis. Sacred Nature is a bioregenerative line, certified according to the COSMOS ORGANIC & NATURAL standard, guaranteeing a positive impact on the environment.


How is [comfort zone] ensuring sustainability in every step of the process?

We ensure our sustainability by staying true to our values as a B Corp and our numerous certifications, such as Eco Cert, which guarantees that our ingredients are organic, and Plastic Bank, which assures that our use of plastics is 100% compensated.


What is [comfort zone] working on for the future?

We are celebrating the many ways we can regenerate the Earth, starting with the soil. Through our partnership with the Rodale Institute, we are researching the soil, introducing new practices for farmers and educating consumers, focusing on mitigating climate change and promoting biodiversity around the world.


By Samantha Rodriguez Vallarta
Development Manager & Software Division Coordinator Mexico
[comfort zone] Mexico



Author: Fabiola