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5 Ways To Bring Meditation Into Your Spa

Meditation is an excellent way of creating a sense of calm, clarity and wellbeing. In spas, we try to provide the same thing to our guests. Why not incorporate elements of mediation to increase the benefits of your spa experience for your guests.

1. Create a meditation space or ‘zen room’
More than a relaxation room, a meditation space should provide guests with a place to sit and meditate in a quiet environment. Lighting should be low and seating options like meditation cushions and chairs for those not accustomed to sitting cross-legged should be available.

2. Provide guided meditation options
A menu of guided meditations of various length and intention allows the guest to choose their experience. This can be done with an iPad and headphones or via an on-demand system built into your relaxation area, meditation room or even played within the treatment room during your guest’s spa experience.

3. Provide mindfulness activities
Activities like mindful breathing, mindful appreciation and gratitude and mindful coloring can all have a positive, uplifting effect on the mood. Providing guidance for these activities and materials for guests such as coloring pencils and mandalas to color allows them to try out this practice and hopefully learn something new.

4. Play meditative music
Whether this is for all to hear, available as a personal option via headphones or during the spa treatment, is for you to decide. Music with binaural beats can help the brain achieve the meditative state of mind desired, this is most beneficial when listening through headphones as each note is played to just one ear.

5. Intention setting
When beginning your welcome ritual invite your guest to set an intention for the journey and to focus and meditate on that for a few moments. At the end of the spa experience ask them to recall this intention and again to focus and meditate on it for a moment before getting up from the treatment bed.

Sara Jones

Sara Jones
Author: Sara Jones

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