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Expert Panel Q&A with Bonnie Baker

Daniel Mtz

Daniel Martinez, Spa Manager, Casa Del Mar Golf Resort & Spa, Los Cabos

DANIEL: What would be the key points to develop a solid treatment that makes a reference to Mexican roots and culture.


Bonnie Baker, Spa Consultant, Satteva Spa & Wellness Concepts


This is a fantastic question and very important for implementing an authentic and effective spa treatment program.

At the roots of any indigenous culture is the relationship of the people to the natural world and the traditions that enable them to live harmoniously in the surrounding environment. The healing benefits of the local plant life and the customs that are passed through generations allowing the culture to thrive on the land are often the source of rich information for treatments, rituals, and recipes. Some key points for developing an indigenously based treatment program are: incorporate local plants and herbs, ingredients from the land (such as minerals, clays, waters), local mythology, religion and custom, artistic tradition and craft, and, wherever possible, create a connection between spa products or services and social responsibility in the community.

Sara Jones
Author: Sara Jones