Expert Panel Q&A with Cheryl Sott

Anseli Reyes

Anseli Reyes, Remède Spa Manager & LAD Spa Champion Mexico, The St. Regis Mexico City


ANSELI: What are some of the ways I can increase retention of local guests and keep them coming back?

Cheryl Sott Final

Cheryl Sott, Spa Consultant 


CHERYL: While tactics such as revenue management like flash sales and discounting or series treatment packages are all great ways to generate local revenue, they are not going to result in retention or loyalty alone. If loyalty and retention is your challenge there may not be a solid local strategy in place. For example, to find clients that have the potential to be loyal, to have enough of them to comprise an audience and to respond to their needs by listen to what they have to say -their purchases usually do the talking- in order to convert them into loyal clients.


It is critical to develop a solid outreach strategy to continually fill the local potential client pipeline. Involve your entire team. A monthly VIP locals’ happy hour with a little champagne, wellness education (that ties to a treatment/product), swag, samples and retail providers can be a great way to attract new locals to your spa to fill that pipeline. Be strategic in who you invite. For luxury spas, charities might be a perfect ally where you can swap a few gift certificates for their next event in exchange for accessing their contacts. Negotiate. Then, empower and train providers on how to turn attendees into clients since they will have the most intimate time with them while demonstrating the products or service. Bonus: Don’t forget to invite a local health and beauty editor who might appreciate the educational topic for their next story quoting your spa. Follow up with sales tactics related to the happy hour they attended. Don’t lose contact; every touch point is necessary. Loyalty and retention will be the natural result of the relationship you create by responding to the new clients’ wants and needs.


(PS if you already have a large but unresponsive audience, then these are not clients, yet. Invite them to an event, and start fresh weeding out those that don’t fit your client profile and concentrating on those that you can convert to loyal happy clients.)