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Wellness Retreat: Pathways to real change, Cartesiano Urban Wellness Center, Mexico

An innovative new style of wellness retreat launched recently at Cartesiano Urban Wellness Center, situated in the historical city of Puebla, Mexico. The ‘pathways to real change’ wellness program pairs health and wellness coaching from Mayo Clinic certified coaches with a 360-degree wellness program encompassing mental wellness focused nutrition, mindful movement, sound healing, breathwork, spa treatments and advanced wellness experiences with Gharieni technology.

An intimate group of ten participants joined the program and commenced with an intention setting ritual and an integrative health consultation with the on-site doctor. The week was filled with magical moments of connection, creation, unity, harmony and personal growth.


Health and wellness coaching
All retreat participants were introduced to their assigned health and wellness coach prior to arrival and received a personal introduction from their coach. Outlining the goals and objectives of the coaching process, the retreat guests were invited to draw upon their insights, strengths, values, and creativity to make physical, emotional, spiritual, professional, and social transformations to improve their overall level of wellness. At an introductory meeting, guests are invited to enter into the coaching agreement before three in-person coaching sessions take place during the week. Coaching sessions are client-led and can focus on any area of the guest’s home, work or social life, encouraging the guest to set realistic and manageable goals in areas of their life they wish to improve. A group coaching session allowed the participants to access their artistic creativity and delve into the core values and beliefs they hold. After the conclusion of the retreat, all guests have another three coaching sessions to schedule at their convenience, helping them to integrate the life skills learned during the retreat and continuing the coaching process. The coaches are also available for ongoing coaching sessions should the guest wish to continue the relationship.


Nutrition protocol
A conscious nutrition program specifically designed to nurture mental health was implemented over the course of the week-long retreat. Constructed by the talented chef, somatic therapist, and sommelier, Esmeralda Brinn, the program aims to reduce inflammation, clean the digestive system and support the nervous system via fermented foods containing probiotics, vital for neurotransmitter and endocrine and neuronal balance, therefore impacting emotional wellbeing.

The menu was low in glucose and high in powerful antioxidants and prebiotics. Dishes were made with local, seasonal, fresh ingredients, from regenerative agriculture and combined to deliver a sense of enjoyment, important to generate serotonin and endorphins. With dinner, guests were offered a small glass of organic, naturally fermented, biodynamic red wine in order to benefit from its powerful antioxidants.

We began each morning with our anti-inflammatory shot of citrus, turmeric and a tincture of lion’s mane, a mushroom found to stimulate neuron growth and protect against neuron damage and degenerative brain disease. Throughout the day, kefir, kombucha, smoothies, infusions and even natural ginger beer kept us all hydrated. The menu boasted a rainbow of colors with fresh and cooked fruit and vegetables, organic fish and meat, kimchi and sauerkraut and even seemingly indulgent desserts like carrot cake and chocolate oat pudding.

At the farm aptly named ‘Delicias de mi Tierra’ which provides Cartesiano with much of its fresh produce, we got the chance to see the biodynamic farming process and were invited to walk barefoot on the soil, connecting our electromagnetic energy with that of the earth. A delicious lunch was served and the retreat guests were all gifted a brightly colored ear of corn from their harvest of purple, red, yellow, blue and black maize typical of Mexico.


Wellness experiences
The spa at Cartesiano offers a range of face and body treatments to be enjoyed alongside their steam room, Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy pool. A new addition to the treatment menu is a traditional Thai massage performed over loose clothing to stretch and release tight muscles and invigorate internal organs.

The Gharieni floor provides guests with exceptional wellness experiences to help with stress and tension, sleep disturbances and overall wellbeing. Relax on the heated MLX Quartz lounger as your therapist expertly relieves muscle tension and harmonizes your energy and vibrations with the gentle sound of Tibetan Bowls. Immerse yourself in a meditative state with the Welnamis treatment bed, as binaural beats help you reach theta and delta states while vibrations align the energy chakras of the body through the heated water panel.

Morning yoga classes and breathwork sessions built on each guest’s current practice, while the music experiences and a silent disco allowed creative and expressive energy to flow. This culminated in a harmonious closing ceremony event incorporating dance, song, light, and positive affirmations, as we embraced and shared moments of gratitude around the labyrinth at dusk.




By Sara Jones

Author: Fabiola