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2022 International Spa Association Conference and Expo

Day one

An energetic welcome from ISPA chair Patrick Huey kicked off this momentous event, the first ‘in-person’ event since 2019.

On day one Dan Heath elaborated how to deliver moments of magic to consumers who are willing to forgive a lot if you create innovative interactions. Build more peak moments into your experiences for staff and guests with these four elements: elevation, insight, pride and connection.




Day two

Frank Pitsikalis opened the general session of day two with a special birthday message to Deborah Szekely, who turned 100 years old. Deborah, one of the founders of ISPA sent us a message, exclaiming that she feels more like 60 than 100, but sees her age in the trees she planted in the 1940s, she joked that at least she isn’t as big as those trees and promised to join the ISPA celebration next year when she turns 101.

Jade Simmons, a world-renowned concert pianist and transformational speaker took the stage and invited us to embrace our uniqueness. When you have found your purpose, you do not feel exhausted, but spent. In the wellness industry, are we spending so much energy catering to the clients we already have, that we are neglecting the clients that have not yet found us?




The expo floor was abuzz with energy and excitement and almost no one successfully practiced their conference strategy of walking all the aisles in order, instead we zigzagged across the hall to hug one another and reconnect. Despite not reaching all the stands, there were many highlights from the expo floor and the experience center.

By Sara Jones

Author: Fabiola