Expert Panel Q&A with Liliana Grajales

Sienna Creasy

Sienna Creasy, Spa Group Director, Island Outpost (Now with Jewel Resorts)


SIENNA: We go thru some amazing, jam-packed times in Jamaica. Like all destination areas, we are busy during several months of the year and have some months where things slow down. How do you keep your team motivated after each busy season and during slow times?


Liliana Grajales, LG Wellness Advisor


LILIANA:  It can be very challenging to keep a team motivated 100% of the time. During the busy season, staff are motivated because they see direct rewards. A surplus of guests, more supplies, movement, higher sales and more work hours, leading to higher paychecks. During slow season, it tends to be more challenging to maintain motivation with fewer guests, less revenue, cut hours, less staff, less supplies and smaller paychecks.

The best thing to do is stay CALM
C-Communicate and challenge - Communicate the temperature of the season. Remind the team that it will pass. Set goals for the team and reward with recognition and prizes. 
A-Accountability is key. Hold yourself and the team accountable for goals. Stay focused, praise achievement.
L-Lead by example. This shows you are a TEAM player and willing to do anything to assist.
M-Manage performance. It’s easier to manage those who go the extra mile, but you also need to manage poor performance. Top performers will notice if you don't do anything about those not performing.

Once you have these steps in place, apply them to SERVICE, SALES GOALS, GUEST INTERACTIONS and more.