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Global Wellness Summit announces its 2022 theme

GWS announces its 2022 theme

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS), the foremost gathering of international leaders in the multitrillion-dollar global wellness economy, revealed the conference’s 2022 theme: “Open Minds. Open Hearts. Open for Business.” Amir Alroy and Ömer Isvan will serve as co-chairs of the leading conference on the business of wellness and help shape the agenda of the Summit, which is taking place at the Hilton Tel Aviv from October 31-November 3.

Nancy Davis, GWS chief creative officer and executive director, had this to say: “This is an important moment to embrace an ‘open’ attitude, as the world reels from global challenges that have consumed our lives for years. At this 16th Global Wellness Summit—in a place that knows something about resilience—we will open people’s minds to cutting edge technologies, disruptive businesses, and ideas and insights that will shape the future of the wellness industry, and the world.

“We will also open people’s hearts to the multiculturalism that is central to Israel and demonstrate that we are more alike than we are different, by showcasing art, music and spirituality as elements that bind together this small but mighty nation. Make no mistake, the wellness industry is ‘open for business’ and this unique, invitation-only Summit will provide delegates with opportunities for collaborating and partnering that are the hallmark of every GWS,” continued Davis.

Israel, known as the “Start-Up Nation” is second only to Silicon Valley for health and wellness innovation, technology and investment. For many delegates, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the vibrant cultures of Tel Aviv and Israel, bursting with history, art, spirituality, and a world-class food scene.

In addition to the robust three-day conference agenda, which includes ample networking opportunities, the GWS has worked with Tova Wald, a premiere name in luxury travel, to curate bespoke travel opportunities taking place before and after the Summit. The transformative pre- and post-Summit excursions will immerse delegates not only in Israel’s historical sites and indigenous wellness practices, but also in Tel Aviv’s cultural and business landscapes, offering delegates the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs shaping the future of health and wellness.

2022 Global Wellness Summit Co-Chairs

This year’s co-chairs, Amir Alroy and Ömer Isvan, are experts in the business of wellness and the investment landscape, and both are passionate about—and have long done business in—Israel. Alroy co-founded Welltech Ventures, Israel’s first wellness innovation micro-fund and hub, while Isvan is president of UK-based Servotel Corporation, one of the world’s leading advisers in the investment and development of hotels, resorts and mixed-use projects.

“I’m thrilled to help create the 2022 GWS, which will have a powerful focus on innovation across all wellness industry sectors. My goal is to immerse attendees in the best and brightest ideas being developed by companies across the wellness spectrum and have them meet the leaders who are shaking up the industry,” noted Alroy. “I’m also excited to welcome delegates to Israel, not only the ‘Start-Up Nation’ but also a beautiful, vibrant, ethnically diverse culture of warm people.”

“It’s a great honor to be selected as co-chair and I look forward to giving delegates exceptional content that explores the newest frontiers and trends in hospitality and real estate development. I expect some of what we offer to disrupt the current thinking around ‘wellness real estate’ and my experience in this area has opened my eyes to new ways of approaching this huge and growing market; I will be sharing those learnings with my esteemed colleagues.” said Isvan. “Tel Aviv, with its exciting lifestyle, entrepreneurial vibe, and Mediterranean setting, is a fitting location for the Summit’s energizing spirit.”

Registration to the 2022 Global Wellness Summit is now open.


Author: Fabiola

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