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Interview: Vitalí Spa

vitalí spa

In recent times, equipment and facilities have been prioritized over spa therapists, how can we help them gain visibility?

Traditionally, spa therapists have been seen as professionals in massage techniques and technology-based treatments. With the rise of wellness around the world, guests are looking to relieve stress and reconnect with themselves and their environment, in addition to getting a massage. Therefore, therapists must evolve and work on both the physical body and energy and emotions through an array of techniques, such as breathwork and yoga.


Where was the concept of intratherapist born and can you outline its significance?

At Vitalí Spa, we seek to provide a comprehensive spa experience, combining traditional treatments such as massage, exfoliations and body wraps, with wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

Being an intratherapist means understanding that each guest is unique; and energetically connecting with them. One way is to synchronize your breathing with your guest’s, working simultaneously with their mind, soul and body.


What challenges does the intratherapist face?

The main challenge is to gain knowledge in a variety of disciplines, such as psychology, neuroscience, meditative practices, nutrition and spirituality, etc.

Another challenge is the emotional connection. Our guests’ wellness is central, and we must find alternative ways to recharge our physical and mental wellness.


What advice do you give to those looking to work in the wellness industry?

Those eager to start a career in the wellness industry should visit spas as a guest and gain experience with an internship before starting to train as a therapist. Discover if you have the passion to work in the wellness industry.

Consider the physical demands, focus on administration, management and to learn other wellness disciplines, such as reiki, yoga, and sound therapy.


Veronica Río de la Loza
General Manager
Vitalí Spa



Author: Fabiola